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To whom it may concern,  

On the 4th February my sister and I are travelling with your airline on a long haul flight destination New Zealand flight ref L2TVW. As neither of us have travelled this distance before I contacted your airline staff approx 6 weeks ago to secure seats with extra leg space. Your female member of staff assured me i had extra leg room seats booked for both outgoing flights to the extent she confirmed the seat numbers 61 D&F London to KL,  29 H&K KL to Auckland. 

Much to my disappointment and distress when I called to secure my return bound seats with extra leg room yesterday it turned out no seats had been secured on any of the flights. As you can imagine I was extremely annoyed and asked your male member of staff to book the seats again only to discover there was no availability for extra leg space on the longest of the flights KL to Auckland! Again I requested the other seats to be confirmed and was asked to call back today 18th Jan to pay for them, AGAIN your member of staff had failed to process my request therefore I had to go through the process again this time with a more helpful member of staff but Im still waiting for my seats to be confirmed

I would like to know in what way your company can recompense my sister and i for the waste of time on calls and now having to endure a long journey with insufficient leg room, I'm 6" tall.

Please contact me asap as so far the customer service has been extremely dismal which is surprising to me as I went with your airline on recommendation through my travel company.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Nichola Hart Beresford

Jan 23, 2017

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