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Just as with other major sports, the counterfeit and fraudulent "jerseys" business is booming. And just as with all things on the internet, they're using (in this case) "NHL" in the URL of the website, hoping to capture traffic of folks searching for NHL jerseys and related merchandise.

LOOK AT THE SITE CAREFULLY!!! Right on the homepage is awful sales copy that isn't even written in proper English. Do you need a finger to come out of your screen and poke you in the eye??

We went through this last season with a lot of similar rip-offs on NFL jerseys, so the same thing applies for ALL major sports. IF YOU WANT TO BUY A REAL JERSEY for any major sport, then go the the Official League shop located on the Official League website (MLB.COM, NFL.COM, NHL.COM, NBA.COM, etc.). You will be assured of getting Officially licensed, bona-fide merchandise. You'll get terrific service, and most of all, a secure transaction and the REAL JERSEY that you wanted.

So again, for NHL Jersey purchases (and for the general category of Official merchandise)... BE CAREFUL when you look for this stuff on the internet! Go the the real source for it. Don't try to save a few quid on a no-name website. In fact, on the Official websites there are always all sorts of sales, clearance areas and specials. The Chinese and others are EXPERTS at counterfeiting this stuff and selling it. That's assuming they ever even ship what you paid them for. Agents for Major League Baseball and the NFL make a couple of major busts every year, accounting for literally millions of $$$ of bogus merchandise.

Be careful out there!


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