NH Junior Monarchs/Tri-Town Ice Arena / Bad Coach, Bad Management

1 Hooksett, NH, United States
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They do not research coaches. They do not respond to valid complaints about coaches. The place is falling apart. Insulation is hanging from the ceiling, paint is peeling off the walls. It either smells like mold or bleach, depending on when they last cleaned.

The ice is soft, the worst ice in New England. The AHL Monarchs no longer practice there it is so bad. It is about as smooth as pond ice but not as hard.

They have the most expensive tuition in the area with the least ice time.

There is no cohesive player development plan. They do not subscribe to the USA Hockey development plan.

They seem only to be interested in money. Stay away unless you know the coach. If you are going in blind, go anywhere else.

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