NGS Fitness & Training LLC / Double dipping

1 Lorain, OH, United States
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Phone: 440-282-1414

I entered into an agreement to lease equipment for $4900 and was informed that I could pay the loan off early. I was also charged for a payment on equipment that I did not even have in my possession yet. This is after I paid what I thought was first and last month up front. After I inquire about early payoff, I was told that the balance would be almost $7600 and this is after I had paid 7 months of payments at $328 a month. No such thing as early payoff because you agreed to 22 payments was what I was told and the total opposite from the finance company representative. It does not stop there, I was charged late fees each month for 5 months because the insurance was not properly documented through no fault of my own. On top of that, I'm hit with an interim payment as well. It was several unprofessional phone calls by their representatives and unwillingness to correct their mistakes. The only time someone is available is when it is time to make a payment! In no way would I recommend this company to anyone!

Jun 2, 2015

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