Nexybitmisleading and confusing; no useful information

I don't really understand what Nexybit is about.
Checked it via scamadviser and found there short reviews saying this company is a scam.
No wonder people gave this verdict, the company really looks suspicious.
Ok, what exactly I don't like?
Well, because nothing is understood, confusing and misleading.
The website is full of graphic and even if you're not new to these subjects you'll have a hard time trying to understand this crap.
They also have an additional website that's not better. The team consists of 4 people only. That's obviously not enough for managing everything. Either the four of them really can hold this, or there are other people standing behind the company. Or they are just scammers.
And finally, the contacts that are not provided at all. God, you have at least 2 websites and you were so lazy that couldn't add these darn contacts?

Dec 05, 2018

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