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NextMove / Customer cheating!

1 4490 Alternate 19 N # 301Palm Harbor, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-647-4110

I stumbled upon this site and the long list of other complaints about Nexmove & Micro Moves totally by accident. I have my own story about this company. I was referred to Nexmove (who now is Micro Moves- I think- although my paperwork says 'NEXMOVE,INC'.) My furniture was picked up months ago. Bill Eiserman was the sales person who I placed my order with. Bill gave me a salesman line of lies to get my business. Nothing this man said was or came true. (After reading this site I see he's also a convicted FELON!!! OMG!!)

What I nightmare dealing with company! I spent months begging for someone, anyone to give me an honest answer about when my furniture was leaving the warehouse. I was treated as if they couldn't care less about me or my questions! I was in tears begging Bill to just tell me the truth.

Finally I spoke to Bobby who said he was the manager and dispatcher and would have my shipment on the next truck leaving, which he said would be in about a week or so. He said he'd personally call me to let me know when the truck left. He told me to only speak with him. I called him many times but he never called back.

Finally I told Bill that I wanted to have another moving company come and pickup my furniture and I wanted a refund of the money I paid them. (O' and they took all the money up front.) Suddenly Bill said my shipment was on a truck! Five seconds ago he said he didn't know anything? Now suddenly it was on a truck and Bobby forgot to call me like he promised he would.

My delivery finally arrived at my families house. Delivered by one man who said he'd driven all night and was too tired to 'be working' and his helper was asleep laying on the pads in the back of the truck because he was sick! The cabinet had to come up 2 steps outside the house, so since the helper was to sick to help the driver said he was going to go and see if he could find someone to help him??? Someone off the street!! OMG!!! My mother called her brother who had to come over to help.

The drivers excuse to us, this helper was sick, he was tired from driving all night because Bill had given him extra work and the office should have told him we had stairs and charged us for them, o and then he said this happens all the time.

What a nightmare! I was referred to this company by a larger moving company. I've called them and written them all about my experiences with this company. The people I dealt with were Bill Eiserman, Bobby -he refused to give me his last name by I see from the other complaints it's Leitgeb, and Cathy who I also see is Bobby's wife. (although I thought Bill told me she (Cathy) was his wife.. I could be wrong about that.)

From the point they got my money my dealings with this company went down hill. The staff is rude, they lie and they don't care about the people who keep them in business. I would never recommend this company to anyone. (Anyone that I like anyway... lol).


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