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Nextel Partners Inc. / I'm forced to pay three months of cell phone bills that I haven't used

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I have had numerous unfriendly interactions with the customer service department with Nextel in the 2-3 year course of my contract. On several occassions I have been made upset and dissatisfied, nothing had ever upset as much as "David" did in retention on July 17th 2006. On several occassions I had called Nextel to enquire how much the cost would be to end service early. I had awaited months after being so very tired of the treatment, I was ready to go with a new dealer. I called in April to enquire simply what steps were required to finally end the contract and the exact date. I had been reassured several times on the phone the contract ended May 13th and I did not have to write or send any paper confirmation, just by simpling calling and requesting the phone be turned off at the end of contract date was simple enough. When May 11th came along, I called and promptly spoke with "Michelle" who not only asked me who I was going to, but if she could "release" my number for me to take with me to my new service. Thinking this was a gesture of being kind, she "unlocked" my number for me. Believing that my phone was off and disconnected, after turning the phone off and tucking it away in my dresser drawer, I went to Cingular to start a new contract around the 23rd of June. My sales rep at Cingular showed me twice, during our course of sale, that the number that "Michelle" had so nicely unlocked for me was unable to port. Seeing for myself on the computer, I chocked it up to Nextel's wonderful customer service short comings and decided to go ahead with a new cellular number. On July 17th I recieve a bill from Nextel for $109 for my phone and my husband's cellular phone that is currently on military stand by. I call and speak with "David".

"David" proceeds to tell me that not only did I not attempt to port my number ( which would have ended my contract) but that the charges are "valid and they will stick". He proceeds to tell me that his computer says that I never called requesting my phone be shut off, but that I never even tried to port my number. He proceeds to tell me he can't help me but I will not only pay a bill in July but that now we have progressed into the August billing cycle and I will be responsible for that bill also. I ask for a supervisor, he says "I am the supervisor", I debate with him, he responds "I am the end all supervisor of Nextel there is no one else for you to talk to". I ask for a corporate number he says " there is no corporate number, my boss doesn;t take calls, there's nothing you can do". He fights with me, I eventually ask him if he owns Nextel, to which he laughs and says "I can put in the computer and your service will be disconnected August 9th" making you responsible for July and August bills of $109 of cellular service I haven't used since May 11th. I tell him I have my last bill which shows absolutely no cell phone use that billing cycle because I believed my service ended. He can't help me. He continues to reinterate that I never tried to port my number which would have ended my contract. With all my might I try to convince him that the sales associate tried twice to port my number, he says "It would show on my computer if you did", calling me a liar. I offered to drive down to the Cingular store on Tiny Town Rd. in Clarksville, TN and have to blonde associate call him, he says "I have no direct number and even if you did the computer says different". 1 hour later I call back and talk to Jeanine who says "David" did not put in the computer for my phone to be disconnected in August as requested, she continues to tell me she can't help me and laughs at me when I tell her about " David". The next day I call back and speak with Sally, an unsuspecting call associate, who tells me the reason my number did not port was because I went from a 270 area code to a 931 area code and the systems are unable to access each other. When Michelle graciously unlocked my number, she stopped the automatic end of my contract. One thing Michelle did not tell me was I had to call back if I didn't take me number. Sally finally lets me talk to her supervisor who says " I have reviewed your call in notes, the last two times you called there was nothing noted about you requesting your phone be turned off and I can't help you" She says Michelle's note says I called and requesting my pin number and nothing about me turning off my phone. I ask her why, then, did Michelle offer to unlock my number if I weren't going to a different service? She says, " I understand, but the notes say different, I can't do anything for you". So now I'm forced to pay three months of cell phone bills that I haven't used. It's simply my word against theirs. When I asked to speak with Michelle, she doesn't work there anymore.

Clarksville, TN

Company details:

Nextel Partners Inc. and
Customer Service Dept/Retention
6880 Bermuda Rd. Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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  • Ny
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    Nextel / Cingular - totally wrong order, charged me for return!
    United States
    Phone: unk

    I bought a cell phone and plan online..I wanted a specific phone.
    They sent out a totally different/BASIC phone, with a different plan..needless to say when I got back home and saw the phone/plan I returned it..I also paid the return thing I know afni has a strike on my credit report for 32.26..never heard of these guys so I called them, told them of the dispute, they said tuff-luck, pay it or ruin your credit, was so small I paid..BUT boy am I po'd!!
    SO nextell/cingular, you lost not 1 but 15 customers over this so FAR..and my childrens kids are now getting old enough for their own phones, guess who won't be used!
    Stay away from Cingular/next-tell unless you too want your order wrong, credit messed up, and hours of aggravation dealing with these bozos!

  • Jk
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    Asking them to "unlock" your phone number doesn't automatically cancel your service unless you port that same exact phone number to your new carrier. I'm sorry that they didn't "unlock" your number, but you really should have followed up with them right away.

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