Next Millenium / Unauthorized removal of funds from checking account

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I was looking around for some possible credit cards that had low interest rates so i could possibly get one for the holidays when next millenium sent me an email containing their information. I followed through all the steps to see what they had to offer, and when i saw that it would cost me 99.95 for the application fee, not even guaranteeing i will get approved for this card, i clicked out of the screen and moved on to the next thing i was doing, next thing i know, they have taken this money out of my account, without consent, without authorization, and without my knowing, I want my money back, it's the holidays and i am already living pay check to pay check. I need to know what to do next to get my money back, i would like to report this to the BBB if it's possible, someone help me out here

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  • Ka
      Feb 17, 2009

    they just took $100. out of my account i did not authorized

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  • Ro
      Feb 17, 2009

    I just want to let everyone out there know that the number above with a company name is really my information, not the company, i posted this comment, i lost my money too, i am not the company so STOP CALLING THE NUMBER ABOVE IT WILL NOT GET YOU THROUGH TO NEXT MILLENIUM I PROMISE YOU I AM NOT NEXT MILLENIUM THEY RIPPED ME OFF TOO, ONCE AGAIN, STOP CALLING THE NUMBER ABOVE WITH THE NAME RON PIRAINO AND THEN THE NUMBER, I AM NOT NEXT MILLENIUM

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