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1 Grimsby, England, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Is it really sooo hard???...
Ordered a childs toy from next directory to have the wrong item delivered,
called to get it sorted out and after many many circular refferalls i was told it was not the wrong product but they would send a replacement, lo and behold a second time the wrong item... sick of this now many many circular refferal phone calls from one department and back again and they finally agree to a "special" delivery.
what was so special about it i do not know, i was told 3 days and it has now nearly been 2 weeks, lots of circular referals later and they still dont have a clue, and to make matters worse the polish lady across the road tried to steal my other order when it was delivered to her using the language barrier as an excuse!!!
is everyone after my money????
Conclusion NEXT = [censored]E
Polish = No comment

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