Next Generation Fundsuspicious

Why do all suspicious organizations make the same mistakes? Why can not they learn anything?
Probably, I don't have to write things like this because they will take this into account and start making our lives much worse trying to deceive us.
Next Generation Fund has the same problem - their address is provided, but it's not an exact oneю We know it's somewhere on Bahamas, 2nd Terrace West, Centreville Nassau and ... is that all? Addresses like this are just an illusion, a seeming. You see the address on the website and are ok with this, you don't even check this and don't pay much attention for no reason at all. Because little things like that give fraudsters away the farm.
Please, always read carefully everything they provide, be picky and pay attention to details, it may prevent you from many troubles.

Nov 21, 2018

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