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1 Alexandria, VA, United States


I recently moved out of an apartment in Newport Village, Alexandria VA after completing a 10 month lease. Upon moving out, I received multiple emails from UDR Billing stating that I owed $840+ to replace the entire carpet and repaint the apartment. I have repeatedly requested information regarding these charges, but all I have received back is the exact same email, stating that I unconditionally owe this money (followed by an "or else" day countdown).

I feel that these charges are not lawful and request review.

*I lived at Newport Village for 10 months. My roommate lived in the same apartment for 2 years. Move out date was July 25th, 2016.

*The carpet and paint already had significant wear and tear upon entering.

*We had 2 cats, which required a $450 deposit upon signing of lease and $70/mo pet rent ($1680).

*Neither tenant was invited to, present for, or signed off on, the move out walk-through.

*Reason cited by Newport Village for entire replacement of carpet was simply "pet damage, " yet the billing invoice listed "Stains" as the singular reason for replacement. No clarification was offered, even upon multiple requests for information.

*No proof was ever provided of carpet damage, despite multiple requests for evidence.

*No original date of carpet installation was given, again, in spite of my multiple requests for the carpet and paint's age.

*It is not stated in lease that tenants are required to replace carpet (or paint). In fact, the lease states clearly that the entire deposit should be returned, so long as the damage is within the standards of normal wear and tear (which it was, and no, the deposit was not returned).

Based on all this information, I feel that I am being blindly charged for apartment remodeling. Moreover, my multiple requests (over phone and email) for clarification and reasoning have been blatantly ignored. Instead, I have received a barrage (10+) of UDR billing statements demanding significant payment with a narrowing timeline, yet they are all completely deaf to even my most basic questions about said expenses.

Again, I am requesting a review of information and proof that we are liable for $840+ of remodeling expenses, none of which are beyond normal wear and tear.

Thank you.

Carolyn McNee

Aug 26, 2016

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