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Bought an inexpensive ($8)mini cam and it arrived DOA.I asked for a prepaid return label or a refund or a new camera. Advised newfrog and 3 days later "Russell" says send a picture of the damage. I said "how does a picture show DOA" but sent a picture of their camera to them asking for a return label, new camera or refund. 3 days later "Russell" replies "Oh I guess picture wasn't helpful so now send a video." I said " a video of what" but shot a video of me plugging in the camera and the charging light not coming on and now asked for a refund because of this crap. 3 das later "Yogi" replies and says take it to your "local electronics" repair and get it fixed and we MAY reimburse you. I replied "There is NO "local repair" facility for an $8 mini cam made in China and even just look at it and tell me they can't fix it would be at least $35, 3 times the price of a new one. 3 days later "Russell" replies asking "Can we send you a new one or a refund." I again said "refund." 3 days later "Yogi" asks do you still want a refund. I reply yes. I then file complaint with PayPal. 5 days later "Russell" emails and says " since you filed with PayPal, your account is locked ( a lie). I replied that you are obviously lying and I will post reviews saying this. 3 days later Russell says "Do you want a refund." I reply, "I thought the account was locked but I still want a refund. 5 days later PayPal refunds my $8. Their refund/warranty policy/game is obviously to stall or wear you out making you give up. Being a retired Federal Criminal Special Agent, crooks or bad businesses like this place don't wear me out but actually charge me up. I'd avoid this business as all of their stuff can be found elsewhere usually at a lower price

Jun 08, 2018

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