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I am writing to report a problem to the AKC for around the loss of our Newfoundland puppy named Rocky Vazquez . Dionne refers to Rocky as “Bruno Mars” The net of the situation, we asked Dionne Zick Reep, Owner of Mountain to Sea Newfoundlands located in Asheville, North Carolina, to evaluate Rocky’s aggressiveness. After we gave Rocky to Dionne (2 weeks later), I finally contacted Dionne to get a status on Rocky. Dionne informed me that she made the decision to put down Rocky. We (as the owners of the dog) were not consulted. Below are the details:
Originally contacted Dionne to purchase a NewFoundland Sep/Oct 2013
Was told that puppies would not be available until Jan 2014.
Was then called back in Oct, that Rocky was a singleton puppy and the Mother (Sarah) gave birth to one baby boy on Oct 8th 2013. Newman was the father.
We picked up Rocky on Dec 16th 2013. We paid $2500.00 for Rocky (Full price for a show quality puppy). Rocky had a defect on his tail (knot).
July, 2014, we took Rocky on a family beach vacation. First sign that Rocky displayed aggressive behavior. When we went to feed him, he took an aggressive position around family members.
We reported this to the Breeder around Aug, but it seemed that this problem subsided.
September 2014, the aggressiveness came back. Centered on food at first.
End of September, Rocky began to bite my two boys. But that corrected. He then went to attack me but my wife (Geri) got him under control.
My daughter is with Rocky in our back yard playing with a ball, and Rocky bit her arm. Again, Geri was able to take control of the situation. My Daughter was brought to the doctor for a dog bite. The Doctor notified the police. This happened in Oct
We contacted Dionne Zick Reep. She offered to take back Rocky and have a behavior expert look at him. On Oct 20th, Dionne had possession of our dog Rocky. We were now waiting for results.
The Charlotte Animal Control department came to my house looking to put Rocky in a 10 day quarantine. I notified the animal control department that Rocky was in Asheville for behavior evaluation.
This is where it got weird. We were texting with Dionne, at first she was collaborating with Geri and I. Told us how Rocky loved Dionne and that Rocky remembered her.
Then I contacted her a few days later and she sent me back a text saying that Rocky did not like her step daughter.
Then a few weeks went by, and no contact. After a text to her, saying that I was coming to get my property back, she then called me. She told me that she made the decision to put down Rocky without our consent.
We were shocked. I did tell her that we wanted to share in the decision and the opportunity to come up to Asheville to say goodbye to him. Dionne took that away from us.
After a week of absorbing this, I asked Dionne for my money back (2500). She said no.
I have sent Dionne a few email correspondences requesting to settle. Also we have all the supporting text messaging to support our dialog.

Feb 7, 2015

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