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New York State Very Frightening / No rights or help even though you ask for it

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I have over the past 4 years asked every agency in the U.S for help. No one will even speak to me.No one will tell me why or explain. I have posted all of it here, over the past 2 years. Now I was sent a jury questionarre because I served jury duty 4 years ago and the time has expired so I have to serve again.
I went there in person and handed them most of the info I have posted here about being denied all rights as a citizen, including denied healthcare.(I made a photo copy of the questionarre addressed to me & what I responded with.) I have now waited weeks for someone to contact me. I provided them( the commisioner of jurors/ Dutchess County) with proof about what I am saying. I have not been contacted. You would think they would at least investigate what I am telling them about crimes being committed here. Addresses in Dutchess County being used in other states illegally( New Jersey Motor Vehicles)/and in their own county illegally. Being denied health care & endangering people's lives by telling them to drive with health problems/ (losing consciousness) I have all the paperwork from my health insurance company and their own paperwork given to me.Etc, etc there are so many crimes I've asked for help with now (after they have let it go on for years) I can see why they would want to cover it all up but doing that will not make it go away.
Frightening .
Here is something maybe someone else can answer. Can strangers who steal your address (or claim they live with you or visa versa) Take out life insurance policies on you, in case you die from lack of medical treatment in New York State????? If you have severe medical problems and no one will treat you?
Here is why I ask that.
A few months ago we received mail in our name but it was addressed to one of our neighbors home number.They delivered it to us but it was not our home number and it was from one of our life insurance companies...
I contacted them and asked them to please never send our mail to any other address but ours and do not let the people who stole our address take out insurance policies in our names because they are using our address illegally. This could be the biggest N.Y scam yet. Steal someones address then take out life insurance policies with it and say you live with them or you are related to them somehow.
Could these people do that? Would an insurance agent question it or just issue the policy? Not all insurance agents are honest.
Maybe I'm worth more money dead, so no one is bothering to investigate here in this state????? No Agency will even look at my paperwork given to me by the county saying this is our address since 1999.

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