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If you receive a driving ticket in New York State DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of telling the truth. WHY? I'll tell you, I made the mistake of telling my teenage son to tell the truth after he received a speeding ticket. The state trooper who issued it told my son to show up in court and plead not guilty and to lie. I stupidly wanted to instill in my son that he should be honest and not listen to the trooper who was telling him to lie about not speeding. He clearly had him on radar. How can you plead not guilty??That would mean the radar does not work and it is defective! So my son told the TRUTH. He was coming off a hill and he did not brake and yes he was speeding and he would drive more carefully, he made a mistake. Well I was the one who made a mistake, I should have told him to lie like he was instructed to. All he received for telling the truth was a $600.00 fine. Do yourself a favor while driving in New York State, if you get a ticket show up in court and LIE like they tell you to and save yourself money.

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      Nov 25, 2008
    New York State Troopers - Do not tell the truth if you have a ticket
    New York
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    I would like to inform anyone in New York who receives a ticket while driving- DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH. Why? I mistakenly told my teenage son to tell the truth AFTER he received a speeding ticket and was told by the state trooper to show up in court and say he was not guilty.I thought it was best to instill in my son the value of telling the truth- he was going too fast.
    I was wrong. He should have lied like he was told to, by the trooper. He should have showed up in court and said he was not guilty and he should have lied, because all he received for telling the truth and saying he was coming down a hill and yes, he was going too fast before he braked( and he learned his lesson- he would drive more carefully)was a $600.00 fine. So I am telling anyone else who drives here, do what the police tell you. Show up in court and LIE. Save yourself $600.00. it does not pay to ever tell the truth in New York.You are wasting your time.

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