New Toyota Vios 1.5G / headlamp, steering, lower arm left and right, service car

I bought this car Dec 2017. I have complaint about the 1) steering with noise. Toyota technician mention that all Vios car is the same, Streeing with noise.

2) Headlamp. After 3 months I have complaint and Toyota technician have change 3 times the headlamp for me. Until now I am still waiting for Toyota to reply me to replace again. I have waited 1 month plus still no reply from them.

3) Service Car - I send in my car for second service 10, 000, it cost me around rm 400-500plus. This amount is my previous car camry service price. I only drive vios and the cost is expensive???

4) Noise around trye.- I notice the noise each time when it rains. So when I went for my service on Friday 25/5/2018 (Fri), I also make complaint regarding the noise. The service advisor told me that is the lower arm noise. Ok service advisor claim the part and I have to leave the car there for 1 night. The next day (Sat 26/5/2018) when I collect the car and test drive again.. the same noise again. The I have to leave the car again (Sun Holiday). Today (Mon 28/5/2018) Service Advisor told me that the Claim Department head is on leave and they cant do anything. I have to wait for tomorrow. Why must I wait for so long just to claim the items when is under warranty. I have no car to use for few days.

I am very disappoint with Toyota now. All my cars are Innova, Camry and now vios. Why is Toyota so complaints, the service is so bad and especially the spare parts quality. I have email to complaint and no reply from them. The service advisor do not update you what happen to your car. They just keep quite until your text or call them from the outcome or reply.

I also plan to sell the new car vios but I have check with top mark and I have to pay so much cause its new car less than 1 month. I am very fed up going to toyota few times. Who can I speak to regarding my problems. Its a new car and its giving me alot of problem.

  • Updated by Loke81, May 30, 2018

    Now Toyota claim spare parts very poor quality. The quality is not like last time. New car you can change 3 times. Less than 10000km already have to change 3 x headlamp, lower arm left n right. And still problem not solved. I have to leave my car there 1 week now and still. It not solved yet. I know is under warranty but I can’t be going in and out to Toyota juz to check again.

    Complaint to hq worst. No one will call you from hq. Hq will pass the emails to the service centre and ask them to settle. I even ask top Mark to check the car coz I want to trade in the car but I have to settle rm30k. If I have to settle few thousand I’m ok. I think Toyota can’t fix my car already coz they dun know what’s wrong with the car. They juz mention have to refer to japan and Thailand Toyota. Because of too much complaint few Toyota showrooms been closed.

    I have 2 cars Toyota at home. Now I’m dissapointed with Toyota. I really advise customer who wan to buy Toyota cars pls pls dun waste your time. If you are free to send the car in and out you can consider buying Toyota.

  • Updated by Loke81, Jun 18, 2018

    till todate my car still having other problem now. the lower arm fix. now is the sound from the dash board and the engine. When you slow down the car.. there is a sound like the car is going to dead.. again I have to send the car to toyota and check.

    Is there any specialist to check the car??? No one from Toyota bother to help you and the HQ just throw the ball to the branch to handle. I need a specialist and can make decision on the spot. I do not want the branch to tell me that they have to refer to HQ or thailand office or other places.

May 28, 2018

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