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New Townhome / Post Sales Service

1 2400 Wyecroft Road, Unit 6Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 905-469-4455

Misleading and untruthful information
- 3 business days before our closing date (which had been moved 3 times already), were were told by Thornwood that the only item missing to complete our home was a 'coil' for the furnace
- based on this and the fact that our solicitor had received their Statement of Adjustment, we went in to sign all the documents and provide the balance of payment, in trust, 2 business days before closing
- 2 days before closing, an appraiser attempted to go in to perfom an appraisal on the home which they believed to be complete with the exception of a coil for the furnace. As it turned out, the home was missing carpeting, painting, showers, toilets, kitchen cabinets, doors and knobs, fixtures, working light switches and yes, the furnace
- we contacted Thornwood regarding this misleading information and they did not respond, even after multiple requests by fax
- they also did not provide us with a new closing date despite our numerous requests
- we later found out that the the manufacturer of the furnace had in fact no pending order for coils at the time Thornwood was telling us that they were waiting for the manufacturer to deliver this coil.

No communication
- the latest iteration of our closing date was January 14 2009.
- as of January 21 2009, we received no new update on a new extended closing date, despite numerous requests (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) by fax to their Head Office in Oakville
- we were basically ignored and not treated as customers about to pay over $300, 000 to them for a new home
- we never even received an acknowlegment that they received our request and we looking into it or anything of the sort, we were completely and repeatedly ignored

Delayed Closing
- Thornwood did not provide us with proper notice of delayed closing on 3 occasions. We were always left wondering.
- One time (closing date was December 19th), we had not received any notice and followed-up by phone on December 16th at which point, the person who answered could not provide us with an immediate update. This was 3 days before closing and we could not get an udpate and had to wait until the next day to get confirmation that the closing was once again, delayed
- On our most recent iteration of a closing date, January 14th, after our solicitor had received a Statement of Adjustments, that date came and went, with no word whatsoever from Thornwood about a new delayed closing
- Thornwood consistently failed to provide us with reasonable notice of a change in closing and did not care about not doing so.

In my opinion, Thorwood Development Group does not know a thing about professional, courteous service. Closing dates seem to be pulled out of the air. They have no problem ignoring requests for updates and information. Once the Purchase of Sale and Agreement is signed, they completely abuse their 'power' and take advantage of the protections given to them under the Ontario New Home Warranty.

This was by far the WORST experience for my husband and I. We no longer wanted to pay over $300, 000 to a company which treated us like nothing, a company which ignored us and our requests for updates and information without batting an eye and kept stalling our closing date and lying to us about the reasons why there was a delay. I would never, ever recommend this builder to anyone due to the complete lack of customer service and lack respect.

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