New Tan Instant Gazebo Offset UmbrellaFraudulent Advertising

I purchased a Instant Gazebo Offset Umbrella from Best Choice Products website. The product they pictured was not even close to the product they send. They copied a $399-$499 valued product and minimally changed the description so when buyer receives a similar product (after research found it was valued at $129) they don't notice. Bad enough they are not providing advertised product - it arrived retaped closed with bright blue packaging tape, bent frame and demolished crank that didn't operate. They responded when I contacted them about the damages, suggesting it was done while in transit but could never receive another response when questioned the product difference from advertising and what was shipped. Beware - they operate on many web sites and on eBay under many names. I have found them as Best Choice Products, ebigonline, Sky Enterprise and Sky Billiards. There are most likely more. Wish I could more to expose and disable their operation. They are creeps!


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