New station / Scam of lifetime VIP membership card

1 Jurong west, Singapore
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I was told that after signing up the VIP card I could use it for a life time.
But today I was told that my card had only $14 and a minimum of$15 is needed for the card to be useable. They demand me to pay full amount. After that they suggest I use the remaining $14 to wash my hair. I ask them if I could top out another $1 to make it 15 but they say minimum top up is $400. It's is clearly a scam when i sign up for the card nobody tell me about this. After I I used up all the money inside the guy refused to return me my card . It's like so obvious they are hiding something. Please bring this bunch of scammer to justice. I do not want others to be scammed again

Feb 9, 2015

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