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New Platinum Advantage/Platinum Advantage/National Consumer Services / refusal to refund unauthorized bank debit

1 3665 East Bay Dr., 33771Largo, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-488-8084

Platinum Advantage contacted us on 11/06/2008, unfortunately my hubby thought this was the company I had been doing business with, and the "agent" asked to verify info, so he gave it out. We had been looking into "payday loans", and this agent knew this, and had Hubby's basic info. So Hubby verified our banking info by repeating it to the agent. When I walked in, Hubby told me what was going on, and I took over from there because I wanted to hear details of the offer given to Hubby.

Offer was for 7, 500 credit limit, with 1, 000 available for cash advance, at the APR of a little over 8%(I can't remember exactly). I asked the agent how he got Hubby's info, he stated that he had seen we were on the internet looking for cash advances, and that he could help us. I informed him that we did not need his services, as I had already taken care of our needs. He then went on to ask "aren't you interested in helping your husband's credit with a Mastercard?" I informed him that Hubby's credit was good, even better than mine, and that we were not in need of his services.

Again, he went into his sales pitch, and again, I declined. I informed him that since he and Hubby started the application process, did he need Hubby to decline the services. He stated he did not, and that he would stop the process. I asked if he was sure everything was being cancelled, he assured me it had. I thought that was that.

On 11/11/2008, I was going through our account online, when I saw 100.00 had been debited from our account on 11/10/2008. I called the number shown next to the business name, only to be told that they were an ACH for many different companies, and that she couldn't help me. So, there I was frustrated. Told Hubby that the guy took the money out after all, but that I didn't understand how, as I didn't give him our info. Hubby then informed me that he gave the agent our info. All our info! Right before I walked in.

I began to investigate National Consumer Services (ACH) online and bumped into /link removed/ This site gave me info on this company. Read a rebuttal from a National Consumer Services "employee", who gave contact info on New Platinum Advantage, asked Hubby if New Platinum Advantage was the name of the company that guy worked for, "yeah that's it."

Looked up New Platinum on /link removed/ the BBB, and another consumer board. Scary! I attempted to reach New Platinum at the numbers that were posted. Had luck contacting the "processing center", but they could not help, "I'm sorry, we only process your account, call the following number, it's 'customer service', they can help you there."

Great! Called the "customer service" number only to get voicemail, left my info and Hubby's info as he was point of contact. Given the "voicemail number" again and the customerservice@newplatinumadvantage email. Left an email, contacted BBB, contacted my bank. Began this horrendous process.

Bank investigated, they refunded my money, bank manager was great and a big help to me! They did charge me a "stop payment" fee, though. Continued to leave messages for a week and a half, at Platinum Advantage's supposed "customer service" line, continued to call the "processing center" to get someone to talk to about the incident/mistake/error. Have yet to receive any response from them.

They did respond to my BBB report. Accused me of not attempting to contact them. Funny, my email states it was sent on 11/12/2008, and AT&T verifies that I began to call Platinum Advantage's "customer line" the night of 11/11/2008. Platinum Advantage stated that my bank "stopped payment" on November 7, 2008. How my bank knew to stop payment before I even knew of the debit(11/11/2008), or even contacted the bank about it(11/12/2008), is beyond me! Maybe some of the employees at my bank can see into the future? I should hit them up for stock advice!

Well, I have just responded to their silly statement to the BBB, I am asking for the reimbursement of the "stop payment" fee, 34.97. Now I just wait to see what their response will be. If anyone knows of any lawsuits being brought up against this company, let me know. Respond to this report. Sorry, don't want to give out personal info, been there, done that!
Did I state that the numbers I originally had as contact points are now either not answered or disconnected?


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