New Life FoundationOnline Real Estate Scam in Mexico

“Mark Lance Moody, ” who also sometimes presents himself as “Mark Parsons, ” “David Breonza, ” “Raymond Caprice, ” or even as his own attorney, “Ricardo Jose Sansores, ” is a rather clumsy, unsophisticated scammer attempting to defraud potential homebuyers in and around Yucatan, Mexico. Through ads posted on Craigslist and his so-called “New Life Foundation, ” (with websites here and here), Mr. Moody promises potential investors that he will construct 1000 sq ft beachfront homes in Yucatan for $50, 000 USD. But Mr. Moody doesn’t stop there. From the “Great Buy Mexico” website:

"On the new lot we purchased for you. In any city in Mexico. The house can be exactly as the one below or you can have a one or two level. Any design you like. Its your home you tell us what you want. We will design with our architect a house unique for your needs in any city you choose in Mexico. The new life package includes House with all services (1000 sq. ft. Gas, Water, Light, Sewage, Trash Service, Bus and Taxi service, 2 Bedroom, living room, Modern kitchen, 1 bathroom, Laundry room, Patio, house comes Fully furnished.) Maid service for 6 months, 6 month spanish lessons, Car permits, visas, FM3, Corporations, Mexican Bank Account. All deeds and titles in your name to the house and Land. We have over 50 categories for good well paying jobs in all cities in Mexico if you want to live and work here we have a job for you. Don’t miss this chance we are one o the largest builders in Mexico. This is a once in a life time opportunity and we can only build so any houses the waiting list is growing."

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is. While a “new life” in Yucatan is certainly possible, Mark Lance Moody’s version is built entirely on lies.

Signs that Something is Amiss:

1. The days of beachfront homes costing 50k in Yucatan are long gone. While possible at one time, beachfront land now starts at around 100k USD.
2. In many areas, the services Mr. Moody outlines as being available (namely sewage and garbage pickup) don’t even exist.
3. Finding well-paying work as a foreigner in Yucatan is extremely difficult. Expats here open restaurants, or they live on their retirement accounts.
4. Mark lance Moody very often fails to properly spell the names of towns he claims to know so well.

Mark Lance Moody’s Response:

Perhaps most troubling of all, however, is Mark Lance Moody’s response to questions about his program. On Yolisto, a website for retirees living in the Yucatan, the subject has come up, and Mr. Moody has not replied with the level of professionalism you would expect from someone in the real estate business. When faced with basic questions like, “Can you provide some more details about your program, ” Mr. Moody responds with threats of violence, name-calling, and transparent attempts to keep his scam going.

Mr. Moody claims that he has “special permission” from the Mexican government to build homes. In fact, no such “special permission” exists or is even needed.

What is especially frustrating is that Mark Lance Moody continues to perpetrate his scam on innocent investors, without regard for local law. He seems to not fear repercussions from law enforcement, and replies to questions from locals with claims that everyone is simply “jealous” of him.

What You Can Do to Help:

First of all, don’t give Mr. Moody any money, under any circumstances. Mark Lance Moody has been known to forge documents, create illegal, non-binding contracts, and otherwise go out of his way to ensure that legal action cannot be taken. Furthermore, Mr. Moody often does not have the legal right to sell the properties he is advertising.

Finally, be careful. Mark Lance Moody will no doubt change his aliases, his websites, and his approach, as word of his scams gets around. Beware of deals that sound “too good to be true, ” and work with reputable real estate agents.

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