New India Buffet & Restaurant / Worst Customer service i ever seen

my wife and i went to this restaurant and at the beginning we ask the server we want to used our groupon for the dinner and the server said is fine take you food and then pay with your coupon, ( the food was very bad and old believe was for tow days a go, bad smell and taste ) many time we ask the server the food i old, but they did nothing after eat these junk food we went to the cashier to use our coupon ( cashier was the owner ) he refused to accept our coupon and he said i don't accept it you have to pay $38 + tip, we said i don't want to pay agin for this restaurant and i want call police to solve our issue after that he start to use the F word infant of my wife and i took my phone to take film of this rude owner he and other partner take the bottle of beer to hit me and the took my cellphone, also the hit my wife as well .. i was super mad and i realize that they have camera on their place and then i call police and ask them to send cops in this place asap, after we stay out side this restaurant cops show up and i ask the cops please check the security camera before the ask any body, police officer came back to me and he said they don't have the password for security camera .. this is lie every owner has the password for they security camera !!! the wanted to hide their shameful act to the cops !! i never seen this act from any business !!! (Less)

Mar 08, 2016

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