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New ID / Photo shoot

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
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"STOP!!! DO NOT GO TO NEW>ID."" Read My Experience and Learn from It.

On the 11th January 2009, i visited your above studio for a makeover; my main aim was to purchase just one or two photos for my boyfriend as a valentine present. I had earlier told the photographer that i wanted really nice and unique poses, but he seemed he was in hurry, he just told me to hold my wait for almost all the photos. I mentioned to him again that i wanted different poses but he said i quote “they may look the same but they are different”.in the viewing room i hated the photos, the person who viewed my photos with me heavily presurerised me into buying 20 photos and ended up spending £1, 400. I did not like most of the photos but he promised that after the photos have been retouched they will be great, . As part of the package, i was to receive a photo frame along with 21 prints and a CD.
Three weeks later i received the retouched photos on CD and i still disliked them. They were awful. I called customer services several times but never got a response. On 25th January around midday i called again and spoke to Emily, who was very rude and unhelpful, i told her i did not like the photos and wanted the order to be cancelled, she was supposed to call me back but that never happened. As a result i was left with no choice than to physically visit the studio once again, after my complaint to Fiona, she organanised a second photo shoot for me free of charge which took place on the 1st Feb., 2009 at 11am.
Patrick viewed my photos with me this time. He promised to update the customer service team to send me my new prints including the frame with my new photos which are I mentioned to him that these photos are urgent and i needed then within 3weeks which he agreed will be done.
On the 18th Feb. 2009 i received the frame (Scene) with the first photos i didnt like. I tried calling customer service again but to no avail. i still havnet received my prints, even though i was promised i will receive it in 3 weeks. I called fiona once again to complain and she asked me to put it in an email, which i did.

I must say that i am extremely dissapointed and ever regret choosing New ID for my photoshoot. i find it even more dissapointing to be blamed for not contacting their customer service team regarding not being happy with my photos and the new photoshoot. It is clearly evident that there is a gap in communications between their studios and their customer service team, and New ID is quick to take your money but extremely slow to provide a satisfactory service.
I find this whole thing most unproffesional on New ID part, According to section 35 of the sale of goods and services act i quote "the buyer has the right to reject the goods by reason of a breach on the part of the seller that affects some or all of them", i feel that New ID have not given proper caring skills
I have given them reasonable opportunity to resolve my complaint. They have failed to do so.

I have now been left with no alternative but to seek I will instigate legal proceedings without further notice. The cost of this action will be added to my claim.



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  • Ih
      17th of Nov, 2009
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    agreed they are just out to scam you.. i recently booked a photoshot with them, i prepaid money incase i wanted to buy more photos, when i cancelled my booking 2 months in advance they said the pre paid money is non refundable (as it is suppose to say in the terms and condition) it does not! i am now thinkin of seeking legal advice too jus out of principle. made a big mistake with them as a girl who worked for them on the street wouldnt stop following me and a friend until we agreed!

  • Ew
      21st of Apr, 2010
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    Oh no wished that I had read these comments before I attended a photo shoot on Mon 19th April. I have to say that my 13 yr old Daughter was looked after ok BUT the Central London branch was very tired in cleanliness and I was shocked that the same brush top make up must be used on lots of customers. The photographer was very good, images excellent. Now wait with apprehension for the prints ! The Customer Service manager Stephen Jones gave me his phone no. I will ring that and see if I get any response. If only they got their act together this could be a good service. They must have a manager, does he know that business will not keep coming if if people do not recommend them.
    Very money grabbing especially if you are not happy ith the service.

  • Ke
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    I really wish I had found this before I went to NewID for a makeover and photoshoot with my Mum last Monday, the whole experience was a disaster from start to finish, we were never offered refreshments, I complained about the make up while I was there, it was barely there and made me look pale and washed out - the make up "artist" told me it would look better in the photos - not true. The hair and photos being taken was OK, although there was a very long wait between each stage.

    But the worst part was the hard sell of the photos afterwards, they were surprised I couldn't afford £4, 500 for photos and tried very hard to get me to pay £75 a month for four years which I refused, after about an hour of the hard sell in a very small room with the doors closed, we eventually agreed on £300 for a single CD of 15 photos - which I wasn't happy with, everytime I mentioned the free prints - she ignored me.

    The lady doing the sell was extremely rude and pointed out how fat I looked in some of the photos and that they could airbrush that out, for £75 per photo.

    We left the studio with my mum virtually in tears after the experience, it turned a nice treat into a miserable morning and would not recommend anyone going there until they sort out the whole process.

  • Re
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    i'm not sure i would have gone there had a iread the reviews.

    havin said that, i wnet yesterday and enjoyed myself and my wife.

    they did try to sell us pictures and we did buy an extra one which was £50, but we had a nice time, a bit too much waiting around though.

  • Cu
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    We are sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your experience at New ID Studios. Please contact our Customer Solutions Team on 0121 634 6622 who will be happy to assist you further.

    Kind Regards

    New ID Studios Team

  • He
      6th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, Has anybody taken New ID Studios up on this 'assitance'? The same thing with the being unable to get our money back for prepaid photos happened to us too and we've spent nearly £30 calling them and they just kept saying yeah we'll refund it. 6 weeks later- still no refund!
    New ID are a joke and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm looking forward to the next time I get accosted on the street by one of your sales team because I'm fully willing to spend the rest of my day following them round warning any of their potential victims!

  • N
      13th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I went to the BIRMINGHAM studio but luckily was warned before not to get any photo's but it has now been a month they had MY £50 deposit from me and i am still fighting to get it back absolutely appalling customer service NEVER USE THEM

  • St
      14th of Aug, 2012
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    I bought Groupon voucher for £19 which included a haircut, makeup makeover and photoshoot. When I phoned to book my appointment they said I could bring another person but they did not tell me that they will take a deposit of £50. I then told them that I am going alone so there was only myself.
    After the photos were taken, I was quoted £2400 for an album and on a CD for 20 airbrushed photos. I said I did not have that sort of money because I am retired and have been unemployed for the past two years and also I have colon cancer.
    The man then reduced to £1400 for photos on CD only but I still said I can not afford it. He then said that he could do it for £800 for 20 photo prints on A4 and airbrushed photos on CD. He said that don't tell his boss or he will be sacked (very common sentence used by many sales people). He said that he will discuss with his boss about giving me the prints and on CD BUT he started the credit agreement right away without speaking to anyone, he never left the room so it was his very own discretion to make me sign the deal. I felt cornered and trapped that I signed up for this deal He was supposed to check with his superior first to agree on the price with my deal but instead he started the finance agreement right away. He asked for my driver's licence and account details. I hesitated at least five times telling him that I can't afford the money because I simply don't have that type of money. But he ignored my plea when I said that I still could not afford it whatever the price. I asked for time to think about it because it was a lot of money and that I will come back later to tell them of my decision but he would not have it.
    He said that all my photos will be deleted from the computer when I leave the studio without making my order. I asked that he keeps the photos until I come back with my decision but he refused.
    He kept pressuring me and put me under a lot of stress and I felt so cornered and trapped that I signed up for this deal
    He lied to me that should I decide to pay off the whole loan earlier OR increase my repayment, I will not be penalised (48 payments for the balance of £720 at 20% interest). He said that I could make varying amounts each time with penalty. I have just now read the small prints of the finance agreement and it said that I have to keep the same repayment and should not fall into arrears.
    With the 20% interest charge, I eventually decided to pay £60 per month for twelve months without any interest.
    I note on the finance agreement that I have a 14 days cooling off period to cancel the finance agreement and I will do it on Monday because today is Saturday and being a weekend I could not contact the finance company.
    I contacted New ID using their online form informing them of what I said here and that I will be cancelling the finance agreement and also cancel my direct debit with my bank.
    My plan was to only to utilise the Groupon Voucher of £19 which was all I could afford.

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