New Ground: Hempstead / Non-Profit: Insensitive and Intrusive

1 Hempstead, United States

My husband is a veteran who served this country for over 25 years. After being retired he found it difficult to find employment therefore resulting in our family losing our home and being displaced from one another. In a desperate attempt to put things back together for our family my husband discovered a program that he thought could help our family with temporary housing and financial advice. The Program: New Ground was an organization geared to give families financial freedom and also give them a sense of gaining their own home. When we started the program he had high expectations that they would be understanding. Not to long in the program my husband was able to gain a full time position as a computer Technician. Now we understood that there are guidelines that you must adhere to in every thing you do. However the insensitivity level was very high in this organization. I have two daughters one who just turned a teenager and one who is 10 and they are not considered street savvy. It was suggested by this organization that they travel by themselves to make their meetings using public transportation. I was told I was being ridiculous because I would not let them ride alone with strangers. They have commented on my children, what we eat, how we travel and what we we spend. This organization is located in an urban atmosphere with many people who have a hard time earning a decent living. So many turn to them as an alternative so they will not have to rely on the state. My father passed away recently in August and I have been there to help my mother through this. I was told that I need to stop trying to help my mother and to focus on this program. My husband and I have made great strides. I am currently employed and he now know what it is to be a civilian. This organization does not treat you like adults or human beings. We have to meet with them three times a week, whether we work, go to school it is at their discretion. My family has never been treated so badly and been so humiliated since we sought help from this Non Profit organization. Needless to say I have a hard time trusting anymore.

Feb 17, 2015

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