New England Pellet LLCBuyer beware

We ordered our heating pellets from them in September and they told us that they would be available later in September. We called to arrange delivery/pickup and they were rude to us and told us to call back in a month. We called back in October and they told us they didn't have pellets and we would have our order November 21st. I took the day off from work and rented a truck so that we could go and pick them up. Once we arrived, they were snide again and told us that we couldn't get any pellets as they didn't have any. They lied multiple times with dates and saying that they called us yet they have no record of our phone number. I contacted the Attorney General's office and there are numerous complaints against them and they are being investigated. All of the local new stations were sent an email as well advising them of the situation. I hope that this company pays for continuing to take orders when they were already concerned that they couldn't fulfill current orders. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE WHEN & IF YOU WILL GET YOUR PELLETS!

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