New Concept Property Management / Agent is tricked and cheated

1 monroewa, United States

Lorie, the agent of New Concept Management (Monroe and Sultan), WA was not nice, cheated everyway she could do from the Agreements. I am a landlord and let her be my agent between Tenants and me(Landlord), her Agreements were tricked with many places . She never checked the tenants' credit Check before move-in but she l... view moreied and collect every fee $35 (Credit Check of Tenant), she deducted every cost such as Late Fee from Tenants to herself, not for Landlord. When the tenants paid late for many days, she took all late fee to herself. When the contract and agreement needs to sign a new year by year, she never gave the clear of New Agreement . She cheated all styles of taking my benefit. Security money and last month rental she took all and left my house very dirty, no carpet clean, she let the tenant left without paid 3 bills of City of Monroe in amount of more than $500. When you called, she will never pickup a phone. she is a person who should not make a business with, selfish, cheat, and she always tell a lie, works alone and lack of ability to be any Property AGENT. I have to finish everything by paid every bills by myself and stop talking to her because she scared to talk to me from her dishonest to her career. I will pray for God to punish herself and can't be successful in her business.

May 1, 2014

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