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New Century Mortgage / Awful company

1 Irvine, CA, United States
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After missing one payment on a loan, I sent in cash for the following month. The third month I sent a check. After several weeks the check had not been cashed and I called to find out why. I was told that my house was in foreclosure and that is why they could not cash my check. I responded that I knew nothing about it and had paid the month before. I was then told that a woman in that department had returned the cash with a note saying that I needed to pay both the current and past months at the same time. As I had never received the money, and no one had ever called me to inquire, I had no knowledge of same. I was told that it would cost me three months payments ($1375 a month) plus about another $5, 000 for all the paper work to get back on track. I finally got the money back ...3 months after I had sent it and after I had called to complain. I have the paperwork to prove this. And they refused to do anything except to continue foreclosure .

The only thing I could gather from several attorneys and people in real estate was to go bankrupt to keep from losing my home, even though I had nothing to bankrupt. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I COULD GET A REVERSE MORTGAGE AND SAVE MY HOME.

Unfortunately, I made a deal with devil posing as a friend. It turned out to be an illegal transaction on their part, but justice will out and I will have my home back in my name.

I do feel that New Century Mortgage owes me some kind of restitution.


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