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I used to LOVE burger king BECAUSE of their fries…. and now they’ve changed them and i hate them! they’re disgusting!! bring back the old ones or i won’t come back!!! On Friday, November 4th at 11:25 am I went thru the drive thru of Burger King, located on Middle Country Road in Coram, NY 11727. I tried to give my order to someone who could not understand English. I ordered 1 # 12 with fries and a seltzer water. Well, I was questioned about the # of chicken nuggets that was posted. The worker became “agatatied” and annoyed. When I got to the receiving window my bag included 2 fries and a Sprite ! for a total of $7.00 and change.

The person who handed me the fries became annoyed that he had to take back what I didn’t order. I wouldn’t stop at a Burger King in Coram again ! And the fries and nuggets were “luke” warm ! You have lost a customer :-( What has happened to customer care and service ? You are hiring rude people !

Just went to the richmOnd ky burger king on Barnes mill rd and paid .65 to add cheese to my whoppers which I only got since they are having a bogo promotion and they still forgot the cheese. DIdnt forget to charge me for it though! The meal was still expensive even with one of the whoppers free. I just went to the Burger King on Watson Blvd in Warner Robins, Georgia. The message on the sign said “BUY ONE WHOPPER AND GET ONE FREE”. I ordered a Whopper and a large coke.

When I went to the window to pick up my food I was given one Whopper. I asked about the free Whopper and was told that I have to ask for it when I order. THE SIGN DID NOT SAY “IF YOU ASK FOR IT”. I was told by the manager that they had to account for it and that I could not have it. I usually visit this Burger King several time a week. I will go 5 miles out of my way before I would ever visit this Burger King again. Good way to promote Hardees and Wendy’s. Thank you for your time.

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      2nd of May, 2012

    I'll bet you've been back to Burger king

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