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New Bedford Schools Department / Unjustly blocked from receiving any assignments!

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To whom it may concern:

I am following up on a complaint I filed last year which has yet to be fully resolved.

I am a substitute teacher who has been approved to work as a sub in The New Bedford Public Schools, however, I am being unjustly blocked from receiving any assignments.

There are two incident which took place during school year [protected] which have caused this problem.

The first was a professional issue:
I subbed at a middle school and had a disciplinary issue with a student. The student responded with profanity when I asked her to quiet down and work on her assignment, and she continued disrupting the class to the point where I could not teach. She challengingly refused to go to the office with a discipline referral slip, And her challenges and extreme profanity led me to seek assistant from a neighboring teacher. The teacher succeeded in removing the disruptive student, but shortly thereafter the school’s administration requested I keep this student in the class. I held firm that the student remains out of the classroom, as I reasoned that my class would be out of order if she stayed.

The other incident was more personal, but within the realm of my work as a sub. I was trying to resolve an incorrect paycheck issue with an administrator in the county street office. I do not know her name, but she is an older woman who appears to be in charge. She was needlessly rude and impatient. ( I have learned from other subs and teachers that they , too, have had rude reactions from this office over incorrect paychecks.) My encounters with this woman became increasingly unfortunate.. As I realized I was not getting any calls to substitute teach, I called the New Bedford School Dept. to ask why. The woman who’d argued with me over my paycheck told me that one of the schools “ disrequested” me and she refused to give me further information. In addition , she repeatedly blocked me from discussing the matter with the superintendent: She would not take my massages or put my calls though to anyone in a position of higher authority.

As it was hard for me to believe what she’d said about being “disrequested”(due to our strained relationship following the paycheck incident), I decided to file an Internet complaint as I could not get past the “walls” this woman had built around the superintendent.

I received a letter from the deputy superintendent (in response of the Internet complaint, I’m assuming) that stated I was accepted to work as a substitute for the year. Thou the complaint was filed much earlier, the school department did not send me this letter until the summer.

When I returned for New Bedford assignments in the fall, my way again was blocked. I was told that the instructions from the superintendent’s office were to restrict me from assignments.

I have since worked for the Fall River, Somerset, tiverton and Fairhaven Public Schools. I have excellent references from teachers and administrators. I maintain a relationship of mutual respect and warmth with my students and colleagues.

It is a joy and a privilege for me to teach, and I bring much experience and diversity to the communities I serve. Why , then, is there a continued block on my opportunity to serve in the New Bedford Public Schools. I was told recently by the same “front office” administrators that “New Bedford has enough subs this year…we do not need any more”. This is difficult to believe.

I am not one to cite discrimination as a rule, but I’m not sure what to make of this as I have a letter stating I am cleared to sub, yet I’m repeatedly rejected.

I will, however, put faith and trust into your office resolving this matter in my favor, as I want to work in the New Bedford Public Schools again.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Respectfully submitted,
Sameh Youssef El talawy

7 Samoset Circle
Fairhaiven M.A 02719
Ph. [protected]

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