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Neuner Schmuck in Kaerntner strasse 8, 1010 Wien. phone 0043 1 9076643 email [email protected] / Jewel (ring) defective/refund

1 Vienna, Austria
Contact information:

Hi there,


The day of August 12th of 2016 I bought a white ring at the store:

NEUNER Schmuck in Kaerntner strasse 8, 1010 Wien.
phone [protected]
email [protected]

I paid Euros 160, 00 ( I have all the receipts).

When I bought it I asked what the material was, and I was told it was Silver. The ring was white, so I insisted to know what material it was, but the store lady didn't know, she repeated it was silver.

After a few days of use the ring started to loose the white coat.

After 3 weeks (using the ring just a few days) it lost all the white.
I decided to go to the store, and asked for a refund because I was sold something of very poor quality and with some evident problem.

They agreed with me that the ring had a problem, they called the designer on the phone, and offered to refund me. They asked me to go home, and wait for a phone call the next day to communicate me what time I would have had to go to the store to get my refund.

They kept my ring, the motivation was to show it to the designer.

I left.
The next day I didn't receive any phone call, nor the following day. After several days I went to ask what was going on. They were very rude and dismissing and they said they could not give a refund but just store credit.

I asked why they changed idea and they were just reacting without any explanation.
Offering the same new ring. I told them I don't want to have another defective item that I cannot use because in a week it looses the coat. The ring has a problem. They have to admit that.

I bought that ring to be white. The ring didn't came without any alert that would have lost his coat. Zero. This is a scam. They sold something that cannot last more that a week.

After 20 minutes discussion one of the store managers seemed to understand the situation, apologized and offered to send the ring to the designer to make the coat everlasting.
This was on SEPTEMBER 21st
Today is NOVEMBER 23rd

More then 2 months have passed. They don't call me to give any update.
I went twice at the store and the store front lady doesn't know anything about my ring.

I am going to Italy in a few weeks.

I need to close this matter.

they have my money and my ring, I have nothing. Thus is frode.

Please help me to close this matter ASAP.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Nov 23, 2016

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