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Network Technologies Inc/Video Products Inc / Sweat Shop/Body Shop in USA!

1 Aurora, OH, United States Review updated:

Company run by a mean spirited low life. Abuses employees verbally in front of the whole office. The ### (boss) yells at people for no apparent reason or something silly. screamed at an employee for grabbing company kleenex for sneezing! yelled at another female employee for laughing. laughter, smiles etc. are forbidden inside the company along with stuff like cell phones. he is paranoid and your every move is tracked. your computer is monitored and so is you trash can! seriously, i'm not exaggerating!

as an employee, you have no rights. you are constantly in a state or tension. several employees have developed hypertension and have had strokes too. do not join this company under any circumstance. you'll live (hopefully) to regret it. there is absolutey no job security. hires and fires people at whim.

Also, H1B employees are made to sign a contract for a period of 3 years and if you break it, you'll have to pay a king's ranson.

Beware... do not join this lousy company and screw up your life ...unless you have machete weilding men running after you, do not go there. even then, i'd say reconsider!

BTW, Video Products Inc and Network Technologies Inc are both run by the same low life and are in the same premises.

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  • Ka
      18th of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Ah yes, so very true. The pay is not enough compensation for this company to rip your soul out slowly every day. Policies are made of FAIL at NTI, not only do they not make sense, but they also create more pointless work. The guy who owns the place thinks he should be the one who approves all changes, and as a result, makes terrible decisions with regards to areas that he doesn't understand. Having one person trying to micro-manage every department is quite silly and highly inefficient because it creates a whole lot of bottlenecks in the work flow process. I would suggest finding a job elsewhere right away.

  • Jo
      15th of Dec, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I am supposed to join in weeks time... Is the company Good now? What will be the Pay, Work Timings, Benefits, Environment, etc?

  • Ha
      24th of Apr, 2015
    +2 Votes

    This is ran by a great CEO. He gives lots of perks. I started 5 years ago as a Electronic Technician and couldn't be any happier. Great people work here and we work as a team. I have no problem with this company. Awesome pay and we get raises every year with a high increase which everyone likes. Managers are nice and if you need anything they go out of there way to help you if you are stuck on something.

    You get days off whenever you want. There is no problem with that. Good family balance. Benefits are good. Could be better but its fine for me. It a friendly environment and laid back. You can work at your own pace. CEO keeps us comfortable if we need something he will help you example: When something unexpected comes up and you don't have the money to pay it the CEO will lend you the money and you can repay it back without any interest. I think that's great company perk that he does that.

    Its a great place to work and I enjoy coming to work. Everyone is nice here and I am going to stay till retirement. They pay is really good here and you wont find this pay anywhere else.

  • Ha
      24th of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Whoever wrote the top post is obviously disturbed, disgruntled, and has an ax to grind. They need to move past their issues and stop with the defamatory statements. Move on with your life please and be happy :) Everything is really what you make of it.

    This is a great company to work for with a great CEO! I have only been with the company for just over 1 year but I love it! The pay is great and I can take the time needed with my family. I have made some great friends here and feel welcomed on a daily basis.

    I really do recommend this company to anyone. I work in the PCB area with a great group of people and I know if I ever need anything these people have my back (including the CEO) - no question.

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