Network Communication (NCIC) / $30 bucks for (2) 2 min calls!!!

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There are (2) NCIC's in Longview, TX. The good one is on Tyler. The other one...ripoff! I used a payphone at the Flying J truck stop with my debit card. (Big mistake) I saw two $30 charges the next day! When I called and questioned it they said it was just a holding charge and that the correct amount would post in 3-7 business days. 2 days later I checked my acct and saw (2) $15 charges! Each call was 3mins tops. When I called to ask wtf they asked for my card #?! Are you kidding me. Yeah like I'm about to give them my card # again. I then called Chase to file a claim. Let's see what happens next.

Think I just got screwed; royally. The only reason I used the payphone in the first place is because Sprint/Nextel doesn't work in Wyoming. Spring/Nextel is not how business is done! Hello Verizon.

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  • Do
      8th of Dec, 2008
    Network Communications International Corporation - Bad service
    Network Communications International Corporation
    P.O. Box 551
    United States

    In early November, having mislaid my cell phone while traveling, I made four VISA credit card calls of about 1 1/2 minutes each at a Chicago Union Station payphone that had no notice as to fees. Figuring I was safe using my card (VISA guarantees protection against fraud supposedly), I was shocked to receive my statement showing I had been billed and paid more than $25 per call. Then I was notified by VISA that this is a well-known consumer gouging scam in hotels, etc. and that I should avoid using NCIC service in the future. As I looked for the appropriate agency with which to lodge a complaint (a daunting task even in the Internet age), what I learned about NCIC was dismaying. They are the subject of numerous consumer complaints. Not only do they fraudulently gouge the unsuspecting consumer who needs to use a public payphone, but they are the only public phone service available in many hotels, railway stations, etc. They also provide phone service to prison inmates. Great! Do they give them access to my VISA? How many inmate-minutes are subsumed in their outrageous charges to my credit card? I assume the prison gangs aren't paying the same fee for service that I was charged. I smell a wily Texas rat in the Windy City! Wake up, Chicago and AMTRAK. If VISA knows this a consumer fraud, why aren't they doing something about it?

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  • Kr
      31st of Jul, 2010

    this happen to me as well. so far only one pending charge for 30 smackers. i'll let you know what happens on monday.

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  • St
      21st of Aug, 2010

    my sister try calling me on payphone. my phone won't take charges. so the first time i tried to enter my credit card number on my moms phone, bc she tries to call me on my moms phone, the call didn't even connect! pending- $30!

    she tries to call on the house phone. i enter my information again, this time it connects, call last all of less than ONE minute! pending-$30!

    and unfortunately costumer service is only mon-fri. 8-5pm.
    and yet on their website theres a big ### in red letters! 24/7-365days a year open line!


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  • Bo
      18th of Jun, 2013

    I answered a collect call tonight (June 18, 2013). I had to provide credit card information. Once that was done there was no one one the line. My credit card was charged by NETWORK COMMUNICAT LONGVIEW TX for $30!!

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