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Netwinner, LLC / Online scam

1 1427 South Blvd. #200Charlotte, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 704-347-8850

I played faithfully on this site, abided by the TOS, advertised it, put a banner on my personal webpage, got referrals, never cheated (wouldn't know how and don't want to) and then cashed in for a $100 preloaded MasterCard debit card and a $75 reload. Those never came. I started looking around in the forum for answers and found out no one was getting paid and hadn't been for months. I wrote to ask why and was told I would get paid, just be patient. I waited a while longer. The next thing I noticed was the payouts on the games dwindled down to almost nothing. Then the 10 point wins were removed and the minimum payout went from $25 to $100 which translates to from 25, 000 points to 100, 000 points. Very little chance of reaching 100, 000 points with the rate of wins by that time. I stopped *playing* as it was now a complete waste of time.

I returned around the beginning of May to the forum to see if I could find out if I would ever get the card and reload I cashed out for and found a lot of really unhappy people there. I left three posts expressing my dissatisfaction with the things that had been happening. All three posts were deleted. I went back to the game site the middle of May to check my redemptions and found I had none pending or completed, they simply disappeared. But I had a lot more points than I had before. I never received an email from NetWinner about this. I went to the forum and found out all redemptions had been cancelled and found posted a letter from the President of NetWinner about this.

In it, he called over 40% of the membership cheaters. I was incensed at the whole situation and made my feelings known in four more posts. That brought my total forum posts to 7, after which I was banned. I did not break any forum rules. They called the games and the prizes free, but the games were slowed down to maximize ad viewing, which puts them in the same category as a Paid to Click site. The banko game was decompiled by an outside source and found to be rigged. When confronted with this information, NetWinner admitted they were, saying they would be fools not to control the outcome.

They violated their own TOS by having ad clicking contests in their forum and violated one of their advertiser's TOS by running their ads on a site with a forum. They tried to get around that by moving the forum to it's own site, but their TOS continued to contain forum rules. Additionally, one of the moderator's husband posted in another forum that he has seen his wife posting member's personal information on msn and yahoo, so beware! This is what he wrote:

'My wife is a mod on net winner, like her and the co worker that do support mail don't believe in the privacy act they take that info or email and copy and share with people on msn and yahoo. Are email sent to netwinner support don't they have to stay with in netwinner, no they don't I see my wife and co workers posting on msn and yahoo making fun of people email sent to netwinner.'

I believe this is why I was suddenly flooded with spam after writing to them.

This site has to be the biggest scam site I've seen in a while. Avoid it like the plague. If you play there, you are helping them continue to make money from the ads they run.


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