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my credit is not so good, so therefore i went online to attempt to apply for a credit card that deal with customers with not so good credit. 2 weeks into my search, these people send me a card in the mail stating that i've been approved for a 500.00 line of credit. (of course, i had to pay a 29.oo fee). i paid the fee and the card came in the mail. well, when i open the mail and looked at my new credit card, i didnt see a visa or mastercard logo on it. now im like, what the hell. i continued to read the letter and it further told me to go to its website. i visited the site and its ### to say the least. so not only did i get dupped to believing i was getting a real credit card, the items online aint ###. they look cheap and no name brands. so, thank you very much. i have a "credit card" that i cant and aint gonna use".


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      Aug 11, 2010

    I was also dupped by this supposed credit card company. I e-mailed these people and asked for my money back but no e-mail in return from tham. They are still taking money out of my checking account for a card that I do not even use.

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      Aug 21, 2013

    There needs to be some sort of class action law suit filed against this scam organization. Just how is this legal? and just why in hell are our tax paid legislators doing absolutely NOTHING to stop this "LEGAL FRAUD SCAM?!!"

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