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I went to Cash Crusaders to loan R2000.00 and it totalled to R2400 with interest inclusive and gave my Sony Hi Fi system 4.2 inch as an surety on the 10 March 2015 with a contract of 30 days which expires on the 10 April 2015, on the 9 April 2015 I went to pay the interest which is R400.00 to extend it to another 30 day which ends 09 May 2015.
On the 09 May 2015 I went to settle the debt of R2400.00 but unfortunately the cashier advised me that they have a problem with Standard Bank cards as a result their system could not accept it and I didn’t pay.
On Monday 11 May I went to the shop to inquire and wanted to pay but the whole R2500 could not go through at once then we had to divide the payments I swiped for R400.00 and R1000.00 successfully and the difference of R1000.00 could not go through.
A cashier called for assistance and a gentleman by the name of Stephan came and asked me to go the bank to withdraw and I advised him that its already 17H00 and they are closed and I don’t have a limit available on the Atm. He then said (Stephan) the cashier must not record the two successful swipes under my name of R400.00 and R1000.00 until I come the following day to pay the balance of R1000.00.
On the 12/05/2015 when I went to pay the balance I was shocked to learn that the system was sold and they cannot even attend to call whoever the person who lay bought it to return it. Basically they cannot do anything about the matter and its Lloyd who is assisting me Stephan didn’t even come to talk to me.
Yes I take the blame for my card not to swipe the whole R2500.00 at once
But Stephan told the cashier not to include the attached swipes of R1400.00 and promised that should I come the following day I will only pay the R1000 difference and this will be sorted out. Had he not assured me I would have made another plan.

May 13, 2015

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