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Well on 09/18/2007 I receive a text message to my boost mobile number at [protected] at 12: 45 am from Netspend prepaid card alert, Watch let me know that a deposit of 3854.13 was deposited into my card ending in 1010. And it was from the Indiana Hoosier lottery and it had between about 18-22 numbers behind it I believe it to be the account number. So I immediately got online and went to me account to check it, and yes the money was there. So I decide to save some of the money so I open up a saving account right then and transfer half the money to the savings account. Then I check both of the account to make sure it was correct.

So because I did not need the money at that time I though I could just leave it in there and come back for it. So 06/2009 to 2013 I loss my job and complete income. So I started trying to get that money, here it is 03/12/2018 I am still trying to get the money from my Netspend prepaid card Accounts.

So now I am very much in need of all my money for I am 56 years old, living in my 95 year old mother how I am being paid part time at 11.00 a hour and also caring for my Veteran Twice brother who has P.T.S.D. And am not being paid to care for him. I need my money and I though I was doing everything right. I company stayed that you can have money deposited from anywhere and that having a savings account was like having a real bank account. but yet I have not be able to get any of my money why. it is my money I need my money can anyone help me please please please. thank you and I pray that I will get all money that is my in Jesus name amen.

Mar 12, 2018

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