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I was recently sucked into the free trial offer for "grow your own hair" i just got charged £90 and was completely oblivious to the fact that i was agreed for this service. this company now have my card details and are likely to try and access my account again with a rolling payment. does anyone have any advice how i can cancel and retrieve my cash? cheers

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  • Sc
      5th of Aug, 2009
    NetLab - Free ain't free with these crooks
    United States

    Just CAREFULLY read the terms...this company works off a "Free Trial" of 14 days, but watch how your 14-days start on the day of ORDERING, so you start by losing the shipping time. Then they make it difficult to return/cancel before they start charging $78.88 a month, every month, until you cry Uncle. This is not a firm that practices any sort of reasonable consumer behavior. BEWARE.

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  • Ve
      9th of Jun, 2010

    i also got sucked into this.. i also got charged 90 pounds.. did u lose any further money..
    i asked my bank about this. they said if there is again a money transaction, the bank will open a dispute.
    did u contact ur bank?
    also did you lose any money again?

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  • St
      28th of Sep, 2010


    I also had a problem with Netlab, however mine was for Cellulex. I contacted them regarding before and after photos of their cream in action, and in return I was to get £500 (this was posted up on Gumtree as a medical trial - stupid I know!).

    I bought the free sample to do this, as indicated by their representative, however I was not told about the terms and conditions or any extra payments that would be involved. They now have my debit card details and are taking £72.10 out of my account, even though I did not knowingly agree to their "terms and conditions".

    I have just come off the phone to Trading Standards, and apparently because they have the terms and conditions on their website all I can do is send them a letter by recorded delivery stating that I wish to cancel my subscription. I have done this, and sent them an email to back it up, although I am not entirely sure I will get a response... I have also requested a refund for the payment of £72.10, but again I am not hopeful of getting anything back.

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  • Lc
      28th of Sep, 2010

    I've just had the exact same problem. I'm furious that I fell for this stupid scam.
    they're refusing to refund my money but said I am now off the list. I'm so angry!

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  • Ro
      19th of Oct, 2010

    I also had a problem with this company. £90 down because I didnt read the terms and conditions. Unfortunatly there wasnt anything the bank could do as i did not cancel my subscription. So I sent the cancellation letter, by recorded delivery and I also sent them an e-mail to confirm its delivery, which they did. Expensive mistake but i guess you should always read the Ts&Cs. Oh...and nothing is for free

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  • Da
      18th of Dec, 2010


    Well, I had the same thing here, i ordered a item, no problem, everything was fine, then 2 months later randomly they sent me a 2 month supply and charged me £109 straight from my account, i tried to cancel my card so they fail at recieving the money but they had already taken it,

    Therefore i contacted my bank, HSBC, saying a company made a withdrawal from my account without my knowledge and i certainly didn't autorise the transaction. HSBC said they were to make an investigation (a dispute), however a week went by and i didn't recieve any inforamation from the bank saying how it was going, so i called them and spoke to the manager, or a manager anyway, and explained the situation, and basically he refunded my whole £109 without fuether questions or anything. I had the money as soon as I hung up the phone (I called from the bank itself on the customer phones as it was cheaper, banks use 0845 numbers).

    So i would seriously advise contacting your bank - tell them about the unaurthorized withdrawal - ask the to make a investigation - wait about a week or 2 to find what the bank are doing - call them up asking for information on the investigation - and go from there, depending on what they say.

    GOOD LUCK and NEVER buy anything from them again, NEVER. (hope you get your money back)
    besides EBAY, if buying online ALWAYS READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    ps ... They never answer the phone but my email cancelling the supposed subscription was replied back immediately, saying send a registared letter to address in Germany.
    now i'm off the list too.

    seriously though, good luck and saty away from NETLAB

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