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After signing up Neteller and attempted to verify my account. To verify, I deposited 10$. Since my webcam in laptop is poor quality, I sent an email with relevant documents (Scanned copy of my passport, National ID, bank statement, selfie with passport and national ID to "[protected]" but no reply in 48 hours. Then I downloaded the Neteller app from play store and tried to verify my account, In Neteller app I scanned my passport but failed, next I scanned my National ID and successfully done, also then I got the face verification immediately and It was successful. Besides, I tried to verify my address through bank statement but it wasn't accepted because I submitted an online printed version of bank statement (downloaded from my online banking). After failure of bank statements, I scanned the electricity bill paper but unfortunately there was no name of mine (in our country, one apartment electricity bill is issued by building owner and we get an copy of it). I thought it might be okay. Again they rejected it. During this verification using Neteller app, I got an reply from "[protected]" (actually several email since I sent same email several times), and confirmed my identity verification except my address and told me to submit an documents to proof my address and my submitted bank statement wasn't okay.

Next I tried to login in Neteller app but failed and redirected me to their website. I logged in my PC and found that my account was functionally limited as well as deposit and withdraw. My address verification status was in review.

After facing the problem, I decided to collect my print copy of my bank statement from Dutch Bangla bank (I had to pay for this) and again scanned my printed bank statement with original bank Logo with authorized signature. When I was going to submit my bank statement via Neteller website I found that my account is permanently closed. I was totally surprised and shocked!!! Why was this happened? Did I anything wrong? How can get back my account? I want to be with Neteller.
I hope I get a solution as soon as possible.

My account information in Neteller:
Neteller A/C: [protected]
Email: md. [protected]

Jun 30, 2018
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  • Md
      Sep 02, 2018

    dear neteller team,
    i upload mistake documents thats why my account was permanently i send my bank statement via this gmail.please check this document and solve my account problem and quickly verify my account.

    thanks a lot.

    Name: Md farhad
    Date of birth: 22 mar 1991
    Email: [protected]

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  • 10
      Jun 09, 2019

    any one help me this issue

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