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1 Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Having taken the opportunity to make use of Begados free 100 spins offer, i managed to win a fair amount of money .
I met at the wagering requirements, the initial deposit requirements and fax back details including two forms of identification, two letters proving proof of residence, i submitted everything which was requested from their accounts department.
Almost every day there was a new requirement to approve my payout. every time i responded with the relevant requirements. this has been going on for three weeks now. The final straw was when they felt that the scanned passport photo was not good enough and they requested photographs of my passport. (despite having two forms of identification), which i duly gave them. despite all of this they refuse to honour my payout request.
I then lodged a complaint with their support department, four days later i had to email them to enquire what was going on, only to be told that it would take 90 days for their finance department to review my withdrawal request. REALLY the same department who initially rejected my request ?? The web site clearly states 10 day processing time.
I have advised them that it is unacceptable and asked them if they have an escalation process? and requested their Customer service manager and Managing Director contact details, needless to say i am still waiting.
It amazes me how such companies stay in business, they solicit new business then do not honour their side of the deal, how do they expect to retain clients with such blatantly obvious stalling tactics. do they not realise that most of their clients will lose more than what they payout. Ridiculous.
In my opinion this company is a bunch of scam artists and i hope that this complaint serves as a warning to other players.
Ladies and gentlemen there are many very good honest casinos online rather use them. Forget about Begado and please warn all your friends.,

Jan 19, 2015

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