NET10no refund on unused service

They were ok for about a year and a half, after that, it all went down hill for me. I started my pre-paid cycle on the 29 of each month and unfortunately I was enrolled in that automatic payment I had service from the 29 of month to like the 10th of the following month..called customer service to see what the problem was but they couldn't help me..called the next day, and still couldn't get my service back up and running. I called another time and they finally decided to send me a new sim card, waited for 2 weeks and finally received the new sim card. Same night i called so they can hopefully give me service again, unfortunately the customer service rep said they couldnt help me because that was the wrong sim at this point im fed up with this company and their inability to fix an issue. I gave it another day or so to c if miraculously i get service again, sadly, I didn't. Called again to see if they can help and again, they couldn't give me service again. I canceled my service on the 30th of the month and than refused to refund the automatic payment done on the day mad at their service I hung up on them and wusa..NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Dec 17, 2014

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