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Miss Isabella Rose
Riverwood University
August, 2014 - 09:58hrs
Nomination Committee
IASB: International Admission & Scholarship Board.
Dr: Alan (Rector & B.O.D)
Prof: Williams (H.O.D)
Prof: Fredrick (Prog. Coordinator)
Asst Prof: Jennifer Collins (Head of International Student Affairs)

Dear Visvanathapillai Yogendran,
Thank you for your application to the University of Riverwood. I Isabella Rosa, am very pleased to inform you that our International Admission & Scholarship Board has accepted your application (No: 12548) for the $15, 000 Scholarship Grant under the below mentioned programs lying in P.L.A.

Honorary Graduation Program (International Scholarship Endowment).
Foreign Student Exchange Program (As per Local Govt predefined Quota )
To get a call from the Scholarship Department Regarding your admission,
Visit Our Website:

This is a P.L.A program which is designed only for working professionals where you will earn your graduation or post graduation degree based on your knowledge from your professional experience in the field of your interest. Once completing your credential verification and final interview with the board, you will be awarded with your attested & legalized graduation degree document which will be shipped within 30 working days.

Please Note - Scholarship Grant amount can be used in both the mentioned programs – However, the amount is utilizable only at Riverwood University.

This is a Conditional Offer and will be confirmed subject to you achieving the followings:

Credit Evaluation Test (To be conducted by the University)
GMAT Score Required (Omitted for P.L.A program applicants)
I.E.L.T.S score latest by 6 months (Omitted for P.L.A program applicants)
Experience/Internship Certificate (Only required if evaluation test is not conducted)
The standard Fee for the Graduate and Post Graduate Program is $25, [protected]). However, you are only required to pay the Registering & Enrollment Fee.

U.S Education Board Law.
In case of any predicament faced during the graduation and if the student fails to receive the Degree from the university, he/she will not be liable to pay any amount whatsoever and will also be refunded with the amount already paid during the procedure.

To find all details about Registration & University Brochure,
Visit Our Website:

I’ll be waiting For Your Response, once again congratulation on this achievement and Welcome to Riverwood University.


Isabella Rose
International Student Affairs
Riverwood University
+[protected] | [protected]

About Riverwood University.
The university is associated with 1 Nobel Prize winner and 1500+ alumni working in fortune 100 companies at top management levels. We are a leading research establishment since 2001 with strong reputation and awards prevailed through our International affairs, having a track record of 10 years of phenomenal facilitation to international students with an accumulated $7.8 million worth of sponsored resource utilization in students academic and career growth.

Aug 26, 2014

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