Looks like everyone wants to carve out their own piece of the cryptocurrencies pie.
There are so many funds, venture capital firms, financial companies etc, their number is endless and every day there are created more and more new ones. 99% of them are a scam. And even if it looks legit and nothing makes you feel uncomfortable, believe me, it means nothing at all. will not last long as it's a hyip project promising a lot, but doing nothing. The website is glitchy and not optimized. Of course, it's not, they had no money and no time for this.
As their contacts are mentioned only two emails and an address in Luxembourg. But whoever believes it's true?
So, investors can choose one out of 6 plans, the minimum investment fee is 20 dollars, the maximum fee is unlimited. I wonder are there people who really invested as much money as they wanted with no limits?
Plus, they also offer an affiliate program, that's always a scam sign.
So only you decide whether you want to invest in projects like this or not, but it's obvious it's not worth it at all.

Dec 05, 2018

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