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Net First Platinum / Credit card service

1 Indiana Pennyselvania, United States
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What an awful, misleading "credit card". It is misleading in advertising - most people do not read terms/conditions, but I advise you to READ THE TERMS! The first paragraph clearly states that this card only works on their merchant website. So, you can NOT use it anywhere else whatsoever. It is like a store credit card. No, this is not a scam, because you can actually buy real products on their website - it is just misleading. This "company" is depending on those people who check "I read the terms and conditions", without actually reading them.
Their low-quality website makes it seems like a scam, but it is not. It is more of a trick. You will get a card in the mail, you will be able to activate and use it, but read this if you did it.

Once you pay their joke of a $39.95 "opening fee", your card will arrive in about a week. You will open it, it will not have any "Visa, MC, AmEx" logos on it. It will say Net First Platinum and have your name on it. It doesn't have a signature box, it is flimsy, and good luck trying to cancel it. The sticker says go to "website" to activate. When you do, it asks you to log in. You do so, and then bam! Your card is active. You don't have to accept any more "terms".

Now, you decided you want to cancel it? Cool. Good choice. You will call the number, get connected to someone who can actually speak perfect English (and they are kind, too), but you will hear a long speech about why you should keep this piece of junk, and being kind as you are you tell them you just want to cancel. they will start asking you questions about your credit history, and you say "no thanks, I really just want to cancel this." So, they forward you to a "supervisor" which will leave you on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes. You will hear the automated voice slowly counting down the "callers" in front of you, but you will be so aggravated at this point that you just want to "hang up and call back." Do not do that! They can see you "Already called once to cancel" and they will try EVERYTHING in their power to not let you cancel it.

So, you read this post and decide to sit on hold for who knows how long. Finally, the automated voice says "your call is first in line!" Woo! What a relief, you're almost there! But wait.. give it another five minutes before anyone actually answers your call. Finally! Someone answers.. well, the "Supervisor" is going to give you another long speech (wait.. it's longer than the first one! What!) which includes the consequences of closing, and another jab at trying to keep you: Keep the card with an *increased balance*. It sounds great, you "don't have to actually use the card, you just have to keep the card open!" Excuse me, but a $1, 000 credit limit that isn't used doesn't *actually* improve your credit - it will only make it harder to open another, REAL, credit line. (When I went through this, I was already fuming) The "supervisor" will tell you SO many crappy things trying to convince you to keep the darn card. (a voice in my head is screaming, "Shut up and close the card!!!" at this point) Oh no! Yet another jab! $60 free gift card on top of the "increased credit line", and how about a "refund" of your opening cost? will you keep it then? Just say no. They will sugar coat this junk as much as they can to keep you to keep it open. If you start to consider keeping it open.. just remember that you will be paying at least $40 a month just to have a card open that you don't "have to use".

So you tell the supervisor that you don't want the card. After countless attempts of them trying to get you to keep it, you're now transferred to ANOTHER DEPARTMENT. You will sit on hold for another 15 minutes or so, and when they answer... can you guess? Yep, another speech. (I'm begging EVEYRONE who even thinks about this card to turn and *RUN* the other way at this point) So after that, they shoot another pitch: "We can lower your payment! only $7 a month! and we will refund your original payment!"

If you're nice, you will get through quicker - they will send you 3 more pitches until FINALLY agreeing to cancel your account. But wait! it's not that easy. They will "prorate" the refund - so, you will have to pay for your week that you waited for the card. I paid 40 bucks to get the card, and only received a $32.19 refund. What? Do they count down to the minute?!
If you find yourself in that spot, call your bank. I have Chase, and they did a nice job getting me back every penny I paid.

*Catches breath*

PS- This was typed up as I went through the process of cancelling this card.
Total time on phone: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 10 seconds. I could have cut off the agents while talking, but I wanted to see how long this call would last if I didn't cut them off. I let them talk to me. (This was done after working my 3rd 10 hour shift in a row.. ugh!)
So.. the card is misleading, the website is junk (so is the card), and it's a waste of your money and time. Is the "extended delay" of the phone call to cancel that you make an attempt to make you hang up so you can "call back later"? Or do they have those many victims trying to cancel?

Nov 18, 2016

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