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Nerds On Call
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I called Nerds On Call to repair some basic problems I was having with my computer. They sent an on-site "technician" to "fix" the problems and downloaded all sorts of their software on my machine.

The computer's performance actually got worse! They sold me on a service where technicican's can site your computer to repair it. After 8 hours, they left my machine with the inability to watch any videos (you tube, etc.)

I finally had to take the machine to another shop and have everything they did un-done and spent $ for that. Don't use them! It's a rip off!
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N  19th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am sorry to read about your experience with our company. I am ashamed you received sub standard service and am disappointed you had to take your computer somewhere else to have your needs met.

I want to make you aware of a couple of policies we have here at Nerds, that may make up for our poor service.

1: We don't charge for repairs that don't fix your problem. What this means for you is we'll happily refund anything you spent with us. What this means in the future; let us know when your computer is acting up. Sometimes your computer works great for us in the shop or while we are working on it, but when you start to use it for something we don't test, such as flash games or online movies, your computer starts working poorly. We try to check every function on a computer before it leaves our hands, but, on occasion, we might miss something. We'd love the opportunity to make your computer fun again.

2. If you aren't happy with our service, and don't want us to fix your issues, we'll pay for someone else to fix your machine. If we have betrayed your trust, we want to earn it back! If you were so mad at us you paid someone else to fix your problem, let us know and we'll cover the bill. We'll do this on top of refunding your money. We don't want you to leave us thinking we're the bad guys, so we'll do whatever it takes to win you back.

3. Your next visit is on us! If refunding your money, paying the bill you got from another shop, and our sincere apology makes you willing to give us another shot, the appointment is on us. We can set up your wireless network, tune up your machines, heck, even hook up that home theater for you, whatever you want!

We're crazy serious about our service. We have 14 locations in 4 states, but we still treat every customer like they're our only one. 25, 000 customers a year choose us over national companies like Geek Squad or other big box chains, but we're also big enough to give away the store if we have to in order to win you over.

If you are willing to talk with us, please call us at 1-800-919-6373, ask for me, Merl, I am the customer service manager.
A  10th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Interesting position taken by Merl. Sounds sincere, as do the people with whom Ive spoken. Problem is they totally screwed my system up. It may have been unintentional---we are still trying to figuree that out, but the problems is WEEKS of lost business while they have continued to screw it up wores, make mistakes, make time promises that were not kept, etc. I had several pieces of information needed for a large personal injury lawsuit. Without the pictures---I have nothing and will be crippled for life without recourse to the defendant.
I have lost much business and future business because I couldnt access theinfo needed on my old drives. Apparently, the first guy who started my system downhill was fired. Others stepped up and made promises. At one point my main backup drive (that what ---BACKUPS on it) was wiped out and a new system built on that. My original main drive was disconnected and I was told not to hook it up because having two drives with OSs on them would cause RAID style cross writing. etc etc etc. Now its been WEEKS. I have lost original programs which cost big bucks and cant be replaced. Some of the original discs I have butmy working programs had been heavily updated and/or modified. My Adobe, Office etc etc cant be replaced, as I didnt have original boxes w serial numbers. So Nerds on Call---GIVE AWAY YOUR STORE and fix my computer, give me the progreams lost, and help find the items on it that I need for my lawsuit. BY the way, several times I said that I shouldnt have had to pay the original bill since it didnt totally work. The reply each time isnt 'We will refund youir money'. Its been 'Well, thats why we are doing this fixit work for free'. Free? Sweet! You broke it, your SHOULD be doing it for free. I was willing to just let a lot of this go and my attitude toward your people has been good. I realize that sometimes things happen. The past few days of CONFUSION between the different techs calling me has just been the final straw. Marvin Von Renchler, Tigard Oregon.
N  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hey Merl how about a call back. I have contacted your secretary four times about fixing my mothers computer and the exorbitant amount of money she was charged. My mother is 77 yrs old and technically challenged, nerds on call exploited her computer savey.
All my mother needed was a third party pop up blocked on her internet explorer. nerds on call convinced her she needed windows 7 premium. My mothers computer would not support this os in its original state they had to stick in 2 additional sticks of ram, sold her 2 power strips and told her if they hooked them up they would charge her an additional amount. They also sold her a tech support plan that she was not aware of. I work in the computer industry my position requires that i leave town often. Mother did not want to bother me so she called nerds on call, $733 later her computer freezes when she opens IE, they formatted her computer she lost all her records and pictures, everything gone. My mother was in tears one day and my sis asked why, she told her sis called me.My mother was to embarrassed to tell me of her bad experience with nerds, 2 of their competitors were flabbergasted with their performance, which i insisted that they come over and witness for a nominal fee. Nerds has been putting me off for a week now, promising to call me back daily, i can see this heading in an alternative direction if i do not hear from them soon Alonzo Neitzel Springfield Oregon
D  3rd of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
This is a comment to address the post by Cedonulli.

For those with a desire to hear the whole story head on over to:


Nerds On Call doesn’t just give good customer service we give exemplary customer service. We will do anything to make a customer happy. The following story ranges eight months. In it we repair Marvin Von Renchler’s computer multiple times.
In April 2012 Marvin Von Renchler tried to speed up his own computer by removing items in his computer’s registry. During this process he accidentally breaks his computer, and brings it to a local computer repair store. Unfortunately, they were unable to fix his machine, so he called us. We recover his data, reformat his hard drive and reinstall his operating system. We return to him a perfectly working machine. He is so happy with our service he tries to tell everyone he knows how great we are. Three months later during a follow up call Marvin Von Renchler tell us he’s having a problem opening some JPG files on his desktop. With some investigation we determine the issue is he, or someone else, attempted to set up a R.A.I.D. on his machine, virtually destroying his data. We spend the next few weeks rebuilding his data bit by bit. We recover most, if not all, of his data, reformat his hard drive, and reinstall Windows. We don’t actually charge Marvin Von Renchler for the new work; instead we work on the machine for free, in order to provide awesome customer service. After a while Marvin Von Renchler begins to blame us for the problem, and becomes quite upset. In the end, we refund Marvin Von Renchler for the service we provided him in April, and wish him luck in finding another computer repair company to help him in the future.

For those with a desire to hear the whole story head on over to:

D  15th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
A TOTAL LIE, AS THEY DIDNT RETURN A WORKING MACHINE. sOME DATA WAS LOST. tHEN, TO SAY i OR SOMEONE TRIED TO SET UP A RAID SYSTEM IS A TOTAL LIE. I have their RECORDED phone conversation, and recorded personal conversdatioin from a pocket micro casset that they found info somewhere about my particular board/bios sometimes trying to act as though raid were setup IF multiple accounts were created. One of their tech support people had set up multiple accounts. The computer had to be taken back over and over. Each time I was assured (this was also recorded) that it was 100% fixed and ALL items recovered. At one point I realized that most of my programs had been rendered inoperable because they rebuilt the registry. I was told most could be brought back but only a very few were. Instead, they loaded some generic software to try and make up for my loss of Office, etc. These idiots are trying to damage control by attacking me personally and they just cant get out of it. I also have one guy RECORDED as saying they were not allowed to back up my data for security reasons! This forced me to pay another company to create backup disks. The final insult/damage was when they rebuilt my BACKUP drive and made it primary! I had three full backups there and all was lost. They unhooked what had been my primary and told me not to run 2 drives because of the strange board/bios system problem that they had discovered elsewhere in the net. You can tell a lot about a service by the way it handles problems. These nincompoops handle it by actually starting a bl;og on their site to trash me. They simply cant erase all my RECORDED info onthis matter.
N  7th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Interesting. Today I see they are using my name to post the link to their blog. They posted as me in pissedoffconsumer. VERY PROFESSIONAL. Caught you nerds. What do you say about that?
D  7th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Your complaint has been settled, we have discontinued business with you. We will defend our reputation against any attack. Your are entitled to your opinion, and we are entitled to ours. We treated you with respect, compassion and empathy. We worked with you for eight months to make you happy. Your problem was self inflicted, yet you continue to blame us. We're sorry you still feel the need to try and bully us. We have done everything in our power to help you. I hope you find a computer repair company that satisfies you.
Anyone else who reads this feel free to scroll down the comments, there is a link to a blog post where we offer all of the information about Marvin Von Renchler.
D  16th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
My ORIGINAL problem may have been self inflicted. Are you saying that you will not or should not work on compuiters that are messed up by their owners? What a stupid thing to say---Id bet most problems are from owners except for virus attacks. So the entire thing is my fault for originally causing a computer problem. Golly, shame on me. Why did you FIRE the first guy to work on my computer---telling me he messed up other machines too? I HAVE THAT RECORDED.

All you offer on your site blog is your own self-serving words to try and discredit my description of what happened. On THREE separate accaisdions I was assured that a certain photo I needed was saved. It was in my backups on a secondary drive. Your person reformatted my BACKUP drive, erasing allI had. Then the interesting part, you backed up a lot of my old info onto that drive. You had loaded all my first drives info into your system. Odd that initially I had to go pay someone else to back all thatupto disks because you said it was against security olicy for you to have my info inyour system. Is it still there now? SHould I worry abouit sdome dishonest employee accessing it?

I want readers to know one thing above all. You paid back my initial money and part of my costs such as the backup fee to the other party. I had ALREADY posted some threads in complaint forums such as this one. I couldnt take them out. I forgot about the whole thing even though you cost me a huge lawsuit settlement with the lost info. YOU STARTED THIS UP AGAIN by creating your blog and other site comments. You even have a post in one that looks like its coming from me as a rebuttal but it IS NOT ME. The thread body has YOUR info and a link to your blog. That was the last straw. As I said in another site---you are not used to people fighting back. We can continue to make this a larger and larger public story until I start uploading all the information I have from notes, witness testimony and recorded conversations. Perhaps you should do some training with your employyes on what NOT to say around customers---too bad you have to consider that. You started this again. YOU are responsible for it. You shoulkd have just dropped it as I did.
D  16th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
YOU started this all up again. I had only posted on a few sites, which was partially why you paid me off. I tried to forget about this and YOU started it all back up by trying to do damage control with your blog, etc. The post appearing to be me but having a linktoyour blog was the last straw. Its interesting that you say you tried to fix a problem that was Self inflicted. Are you telling the public that you wont work on a computer if the owner has caused a problem? I'll bet thats the majority of non virus type problems. Thats just more negative spin to discredit me. I have 33 years customer service and experience with thousands of people. Not one knows me to be unfair, crazy, overly emotional, a liar, etc. yet thats how you wish to portray me to save your face. You didnt actually work for 8 months. You had to take it back several times because it wasnt right. At first I though it had been fixed. Thats true. It just worked out that when I needed to find some information, . it would show correctly. Thats when your remote tech tried to fix it and really screwed it up more, starting a cascade effect. Almost everytime your local people would tell me it would be ready---it was not. No need to rehash all the events here---its all in the web. Bottomline is YOU started this all back up and are not used to people fighting back. As long as you keep that one sided blog up, I will continue to post more and more details about the event in as many places as I can in the web. Tell the readers why you had/have all my personal information in your computers after initially telling me you dont download anyones info for reasons of security? Do I have to sue you to have my info erased form your system?
N  3rd of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
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N  15th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
The above post by a man named agba was mistake and a lie. He was working from Africa, emailing out those countless emails that are designed to take advantage of people. I didnt even think his name was real. Instead of just hanging up, I cursed at him and then posted the story of the call, including his name, in a national website. I found out later he was very offended by the posting, and had not realized that the company for which he worked was crooked. To retaliate, he started posting items like the one above wherever he could find my name in a search. He actually seems to be a good person and we have communicated since, but its impossible for him to take this post out. So, this silly story has to go here for public view.
It was a major misunderstanding between the parties, escalated on both sides due to the misunderstanding, and neither party harbors animosity toward the other
N  19th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
They charge a recurring CC fee of $25 per month on top of the cost of repair.
Be very careful!
This is a VERY poor business practice, a trick to get your money.
If you don't see the charge on your CC statement, you will run up quite a large bill over the months. I would never go back to them based on that practice.
It was not communicated to me at the time of repair.

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