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Nellis Cab / Beware!

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We took a Nellis cab to the airport today from the Palazzo, after waiting at the hotel taxi stand. The driver did take us on a much longer route than I've taken before, but he got us to the airport in eight minutes, and we were lucky to make it alive. He was speeding the entire way, doing illegal lane changes, driving in two lanes at a time. When we were approaching the freeway, he was in the middle lane of the road, and when we got alongside the onramp, he cut in front of all the people who were legally in the left turn lane. He did this by driving on the shoulder. He was going over 70 MPH and honking at other drivers to get out of the way, while we were on the ramp getting off the freeway! When we got to the airport, he REFUSED to drop us off at the departures area, and instead dropped us off near a parking lot about 200 yards from the baggage claim area. He literally took our bags out of the trunk and told us that the police made him do it. We had to walk with three suitcases the entire length of the airport, up and down levels twice, and rushing the whole way to avoid being late. My husband and I both have medical problems, so this was a real hardship, and since there wasn't one word of conversation during the entire ordeal, I can assure you that we neither did nor said anything to provoke this maniac. I am appalled at every aspect of this episode, and I just can't believe that any business could be successful by treating paying customers this way. If anyone from Nellis happens to read this, I do have the driver's name and the cab number.


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  • Ro
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also work for nellis cab and have for over a year and have never been told to overcharge or do anything illeagal this has to be a disguntaled employee we have one of the finest companies in vegas if he thinks were bad he should drive for desert now they're the thiefs and sould be looked into!!!

  • Ca
      6th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is unrelated, but a cab driver from Nellis came to the Excalibur too early one day and so could not take my family to the airport. We got out of the cab, but I forgot my purse. After a very long wait, the driver came back, nastily saying that we're lucky we weren't paying the fare for him to get there. Then he sped off. A few hours later I realized my camera was missing. It was in my purse before the driver left and not in it once he came back. I had to buy a new one.

  • Lo
      6th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company is a joke. I was long hauled on Sunday and then cussed at when I told him why he was only getting a $1 tip.

  • Fl
      3rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    if you have a complaint about nellis cab, please go to the authorities, i have worked for nellis cab company for a year already and i never in my one year working here have i ever had a complaint. i always give my passengers a choice and give them the difference of what the freeway is going to be then the side street. majority of them say take the freeway, and i am always comfortable when i go through the freeway even when taxi authority pulls me over my passengers always backs me up. so as for me working at nellis cab, i say "Thank God" i work for the best cab company in las vegas.

  • Xi
      28th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I just had a horrible experience with this cab company. Cab # 633 tried to rip me off, trying to take the long route to the airport. Since I come to this town on bussiness about once a month, and know my way around, I corrected him. He didnt like that one bit.When I asked him to make two stops at the airport, he got violnet and told me it was against the law. Then he proceeded to not let go of my bag until I paid him. SCreaming at me. I wish I could have gotten the poluice involved, but there were none in sight.

  • Ja
      29th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    When in Vegas, if you have a problem like that with a taxi, call the T.A (Las Vegas Taxi Authority) at 702-668-4005! do it right away, as soon as you step out of the cab ! they will help to recitify it! I just learned it this morning and want to spread the word ! The number is posted in every cab right by where the driver's name, picture and taxi driving number is. If possible, get the cab number (painted on the rear of the cab) the drivers name if you can, and the time of the incident.

    My story:
    Just got back from Vegas a couple of hours ago.. ... on Weds, we got put into a Nellis cab from the aiport to Caesars palace. Driver went through the tunnel, down the highway, off at Decatur Road, took 45 minutes to get there. When I got out of the cab, my husband told me to pay since he didn't have his cash ready. I asked the driver how much, he told me $35.00. Since it took so long I was already upset, I added $3 only for the tip. When I glanced inside the cab, I saw the meter had said $34.04! I had memorized the driver's name and the cab number since there was no way I would drive with him ever again: very agressive driving and a liar to boot!

    On the return trip this morning, we had a very nice driver, he went to the airport past Battista's and then over, it took just short minutes and cost only $14.oo I was shocked, told this driver what had happened on Weds. He told me that alot of the companies pressure their drivers to use round-about routes to increase the fares, but that our particular driver had gone way out of the way to get to Caesars. Drivers are told not to go through the tunnel unless the customer requested it (we didn't, but I think I recall that driver telling us he was going to go through the tunnel to save us time - mapquest says the distance is 4.02 miles and should take 8 minutes, certainly not that driver's idea of the best route!) Anyway, the driver from this morning told us if something like fare gouging happens again, to call the TA, he pointed out their number on the dash, and told us all cabs post the TA phone number & that next time to call right away, as soon as you get out of the cab, some drivers will even waive the fare versus talk to the TA. Apparently the TA has cars driving around, to help taxi drivers and to also help resolve issues like mine. and checking that taxi's dont't take the tunnel. I did call the TA once we got to our gate, and they asked me fill out a report which I will do. They also told me next time to call them right away. They suggested that while they could not help recoup anything regarding the cost of the fare since time had elapsed (which I did not mention but they did), to contact Nellis directly. The TA will file the report on the driver with a possible fine. I will also contact Nellis.

  • La
      28th of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I'm a cab driver, worked for Nellis for a short time. I will not lie, they've never gave me instructions on taking long hauls or anything in that nature. I wish they would do what they preach when they first hire you. Supposedly they are one of the best companies to work for, however in my experience they showed no caring when it comes to your schedule. I expressed my needs and I was completely ignored.

    Wish things could have turn out better because i know for a fact that i am a courteous and honest driver, no worries I've taken my talent elsewhere where now i do feel appreciated. As for Nellis, theres good things and bad, just like anything else in the planet. Do what you preach Nellis, compassion for your hard working drivers should always be important.

  • Na
      30th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    with out a doubt the worst cab company ever. we were in town for a medical conference and every time we had to get a cab it happened to be a nellis cab. the drivers were horrible, rude, and just plain a_ _ holes. we were also dressed to the nines and going to see a play across the way at another hotel, but we did not want to get sweaty by walking there, so we hailed a cab (nellis) #724 to take us over. as soon as we told him where we were going he started driving like a mad man, then when we were getting ready to pay for the ride, he cused us out and told us to get the f_ _K out of his cab and that we were a waste of his F_ _king time. too bad for him because we had planned on tipping him well for taking us just a short trip, but instead, he and his cab company will lose our corporations business when ever we are in town.

  • La
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    All you guys are just a bunch of ###ing Cheap ###!!!. Your coming to Vegas to spend money at the Slots machines and with hookers and you are whining over 8 or 10 dollars in the cab fare.

  • Ti
      18th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I want to share this with you .My husband was working at Nellis Cab for 2 years and was hit by another cab driver at the airport .while droping a customer, the other driver passed him when he was obviosly parked droping a customer, ok!Then the Ta comes and the other drivers supervisor and Nellis Supervisor shows up after 45 min .My husband was not at fault . then NELLIS CAb wants him to pay 1400 for the damages when we know they are covered by the insurance, but are charging the drivers, in fault or not in fault whatever amount of money they want, without the drivers reading the report, they are doing some ilegal stuff over and over and what happens is the drivers are parents, brothers and men that support families and pay again and again just to keep the job.LETS stop this now . STOP ilegal practices.And besides that they lied to the unemployment department saying that he was no call no show.YEAH Right keep lying

  • Ti
      18th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agree with the complaints about NEllis Cab and think they are doing some illegal stuff

  • 12
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    people, I am driver for many years. Companies do not say to long houl people that wuold be iligal, they simply telling you to make averige wich is betwen 260 $ and 340$, now, it's almost imposible becouse too many cabs and not enoph bussines, so you have to choose betwen your employment and moral or ethical issue.

  • Le
      31st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    nellis cab company is the best company to work for in this town some other companys will change your shift and ours every 4 or 6 months over heree they dont once they fire you for werever reason you would not find any other company like this one that is why a lot of drivers want to come back here after they get terminated nellis cab is the best company period

  • Le
      31st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    NELLIS CAB is the best cab company in las vegas they a very friendly staff i forgot my phone and they send them to me at no cost to me i was told told that their driver turn the phone at the end of his shift the call me at my house and they send me my phone thank NELLIS CAB

  • Te
      26th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    Took Nellis cab today. The driver rip me off. My hotel is just 3 miles away from the airport but he drove around and charged me $30. Avoid this company!

  • Ca
      16th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    My advice to you people with complaints...especially those that come to vegas on business to better their business..#1 your idea of "taking care of driver for a short ride" is alot different then what the driver expects or deserves...keep your 3 dollars and play mega bucks! #2 if youve come across a bad driver ...think of it as "vegas odds" sometimes you crap out! the company has lots of great drivers just experienced the few bad ones! #3 cab drivers take alot of unnecessary abuse from all directions instead of complaining about 1 experience that involved you paying a lil thankful you got there at all jump in a cab and the first thing you do is judge get sick or complain about something while the cabby is looking at traffic trying to get you to your destination as safe and prompt as possible...sometimes to a driver thats worth more then a 2 or 3 dollar tip...look at it this stripper=$20 tip for teasing u for 3 mins with nice body parts...getting in cab with complete stranger taking you and your loved ones to a place of your choosing =$3-$5 tip ...Be Nice to your cab drivers...only ones that complain are the ones looking for trouble

  • Lu
      14th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    its a fake this company they charge my credit cards for 300.00 in total, the taxi driver was a rat. don´t use this company

  • Ne
      14th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am driver for Nellis Cab i have written for up for Low Book because i do not long route my passengers. company managers and supervisor in direct pressure their drivers for Long route the passengers because they write them up for low book and when you have few low book warning they will fire you any piece of paper they make you signs driver will not get copy of it the way they rip of their drivers they have Secret box on trip sheet (so called office used only)( so called BD GAS AND DRIVERS CHARGES $ 1.50 PER TRIP they treat women batter than guys if they don, t like you as Minority you will ### Cab or you will get the Gas Guzzler so all your tips you putt in Gas don, t have money to eat Lunch they keep checking the driver Cab each time you don, t have seat belt they will take $ 20.00 dollars from my Bonus and Vacation that how crooks getting rich.if you asked for time of you will get it unless you Spanish speaking driver or Cuban
    if you asked for family leave act he will tell you we don, t honor that out side the U.S tell you you must quit and go work for FRIAS CAB i don, t think so i am not a quitter and Nellis Cab don, t post Federal Law and regulation in drivers room thay way you don, t what FMLA IS.please read and response for help Las Vegas Drivers TA will love to give ticket to drivers it revenue for state and they big pay check and Bonus they live on Las Vegas Cab Drivers they steel from me each time i pick fare $ 0.20 cents from every driver pick up fare the Company collect it and send it those( CHORE) THIEF CROOKS LAW INFORCEMENT so called money inforcement.

  • Ka
      21st of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Nellis Cab Company put my life in danger and they don't care to hear about it! I was speaking at a conference in Las Vegas and needed a ride to the airport. I got one of the cabs in line at the hotel...something I've done many times, although this will be my last.

    If you've ever taken a cab from one of the major hotels on the strip to the airport, it's typically a quick 15-20 minute ride. About halfway into the ride, traveling at about 40 mph, the driver decided to look for his earphones. He took his eyes off the road AND both hands off the wheel to untangle them and mess with inserting them into his phone.

    Then, still going 40 mph and no hands on the steering wheel, he took off his sunglasses, which were attached around his neck with a neoprene eyewear retainer (I think they were Croakies). He started cleaning his sunglasses and then messing around with them a bit trying to put them back around his neck and then up on top of his head! STILL no hands on the wheel.

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing and then I started to get scared. I asked politely if he could PLEASE drive with both hands on the wheel. He said nothing but did put his hands on the wheel.

    We were almost to the airport when he took his hands off the wheel again. Before I could say something, we were in an area where the road curves so he had to put his hands on the wheel again. We drove up to the airport curb, he got out to get my bag in the trunk (never saying anything during this entire time).

    I used the swipe gadget to pay but wanted a receipt. I slid over and opened the door on the passenger's side and he got back into the car. I was about 3/4s of the way out of the car when he rolled the car forward about a foot or so. Then he rolled it back about a foot and a half, almost running over my foot! I was able to get completely out of the vehicle and stand up with the door open. I bent down to ask him what the hell he was doing and at that point, with the door still open, he punched it! He hit the gas and took off with the door still open almost running over my foot again!

    When you start feeling like your life is in danger, your mind focuses on fight or flight. I was unable to find any info on the driver once I got my wits about me. I never got the cab number even though I did look as the vehicle was driving away.

    I called the company and got a very nasty woman who refused to put me in touch with a manager. She told me I had to go to their website to "file a complaint." There's no place to do that and all it says is to call the same number where the rude lady was breathing fire. No thanks!

    It's no wonder why people are choosing Uber and Lyft. It looks like both those companies will be able to service customers at the Las Vegas airport very soon (end of Oct 2015?).

    I'll never use Nellis Cab Company ever again. If you're in Vegas look for this cab company's name on the cab. If you see it then turn around and call Uber or Lyft or walk to your destination. It's not worth your life, eh?

  • Je
      25th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I drove for Nellis 11 yrs. plus and yes the company wants you to long haul they do not say if but to keep up with the book. If you do they fire you I have seen it happen if I did not give notice of quitting they would of fired me. Nellis Cab also Desert Cab are notorious for long hauling from the airport the way to stop it is never tell any cab driver it is your first time to Vegas. Tell them to take Paradise to Tropicana for the resorts on the south end. For the resorts center strip Paradise to Flamingo. That's also is for the RIO, gold Coast and the Palms. For the resorts on the north end Paradise to Sands. The Convention Center Paradise to Desert Inn convention will be on the right pass the light.. Hard Rock Paradise to Koval.
    If your going downtown from the airport Paraside to Main Street That's also good for the Stratosphere Tower. Palace Station Paradise to Sahara.
    Hope this is helpful. Former Nellis Driver

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