Neighbors Moving CompanyTo lie your estimate to get your business


I got my quote over the phone from Richard Roman from Neighbors moving company. The quote was wrong which I told them that I have four bedrooms and I have 100 boxes. Most of the boxes were school books. What they do is to quote you low estimate to get your business then If you call them they ignore your calls. It did happened to me several times. Then my actual price came out 3.5 times than Richard Roman's estimate(bogus estimate). I called back to ask them to adjust the price Richard Roman and Cliff Magloire both told me to contact the driver to get the invoice and pay the actual quote and the 10 Percent difference. They lied again and they never called the driver and I did not pay the actual quote and 10 percent difference. I will never use Neighbors moving company again. I will tell my friends not to use them. Also, I will let BBB knows their lies quotes which is wrong business.

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