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Neighbors Moving Company / Fraud and scam

1 4744 Forest St # KDenver, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 303-298-2700

I hired this moving company in April. We negotiated a price and I understood that it would be a 3hr minimum (1hr was for drive time, gas, etc., while the other 2 hrs would be moving time). I agreed to the terms since it was just a 2 bedrm townhome that was being moved and the distance between the two places was maybe half a mile. Movers arrived at 11am. They moved items into the truck. My husband actually had to help them move the items because they were moving so slowly. The truck was moved over to the new location. at that time, the situation got out of hand.

the movers took 30 minutes to process the credit card. They swiped it 3 times, went through our account 3 times. They couldn't get one card to work, even though, when we checked our account, it showed that their swipes were going through. Finally, they got another card to work from another bank. They would not move our items off the truck until payment was made which was understandable. However, they overcharged us by almost $200. they had no idea that i had negotiated a price already and we were in a bind because no one was available at the company's headquarters to verify it. And we couldn't argue because they would not take our stuff off the truck. The movers were done at 1:30. They would have been done at 1pm had they not taken 30 minutes to process the credit card. We paid it because we didn't have a choice.

I called the moving company the following Monday to complain about the service and the problems that were coming up regarding my bank account being withdrawn since they ran the card so many times. I also complained about being charged for an extra 30 minutes when that time was being used to process a credit card. the company rep stated they did not charge for that time. I asked for a refund for the 30 minutes since I was obviously being charged for that time, and they refused. They stated that we agreed to the time and signed the receipt. I agree we did sign the receipt but it was very clear that the 2.5 hours included the 30 minutes for credit card processing. The company refused to refund for the overcharge.

I have sent a complaint to the BBB to no avail. It is ony $67 but it is the principle of the matter. The company specifically stated they did not charge for credit card processing. In this case, they did. And they will be allowed to continue cheating people.


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  • Ja
      20th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I know these people are crooks!! The manager Elijah Bowles AKA "Mike" is a career criminal and Vinny the other guy is a parolee they hire people like this to move belongings...what a joke. I have had a personal experience with them also if you google the first name you'll see a history from another moving company also arrest logs. They should be ashamed!!!

  • Vi
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes




    WHEN THEY FINISH THE PICK UP 3THEY SAYS GIVE 3 thousand dollers if you want we delivery or the trucks live. I ask why this price? and i want call the police .
    they live with my furnitures, clothes, and my medication for earth. I call 10 time and they answer now is 4000$.
    I spleep on the floor with my wife and children's and i have no choice to pay for they came to delivery.

    When this 3 guys came they say "we forget the key of the back door and they work very slowly and take item by item i ask why you work like this they say give more money if you want we finish to day because if we don't finish you need paid 800$ more for tomorrow.

    And i am obliged to gave more money.

    I search peoples have same situation for a class action

  • Le
      8th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with you. This Company is a scam. I am also searching for people who want to join in a Class Action Suit against Neighbors Moving and Storage. They are Gangsters, who try to intimidate people. I'm so sorry for your situation. Unfortunately, they have my house in storage, and I'm worried about what will happen to it. There is a lot more to my story, but anyone who wants to join in this suit.

    Please email me at

    I am looking for an attorney now.


  • Ra
      12th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Not only did they arrive 40 minutes after our appt window with out any explanation, but they tried to charge us for gas and taxes which we where already quote an all included. One guy was the worst constantly on his cell phone he arrived eating!!! Very disrespectful swearing in front of woman he was asked to watch his mouth and began to argu with me. We had a daycare right next to us and im sure thaey could here. He called his boss and he was just as arrogant as his employee. The other guy was very nice I dont know how he tolerated the other guy he worked with... They were rude and very unprofessional constanly dropping F bombs!!!. Terrible Terrible WHAT A SCAM An estimate of 300 dollars turned into 800 dollars they were slow as snails simply because they were paid by the hour we only had a very small office moved OUTRAGED and you say they go through training what rude ignorant employess not worth ONE DOLLAR!! I will be sure to post many more of theses comments about your comp!

  • Ca
      13th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I as well had a terrible experience with Neighbors. I was quoted on the phone for $1200 for a FL to AL move (500 miles). They said it included breakdown, setup, gas, taxes, ect. everything. They arrived 2 hours late on the pickup day, were slow as all get out and took 3 hours to pack up a 1 bedroom apartment. In which they also broke a book case but said they didn't cover that because it was a build it yourself bookcase.
    So they told me in the quote that my stuff would stay on the truck and never leave that truck until it got to AL. That was a huge priority for me. When they got to my house they informed the truck that would be moving my stuff was broken right now and in the shop so it would be unloaded into storage and then reloaded onto the other truck.
    11 days later they finally call saying they're 2 hours away. We were given no E.T.A. but they were supposed to be there 6 days later...not 11! Mind you its only 500 miles and we drive it in 8 hours...
    They get to our new house and say they can't fit down the driveway. We called and said, before they even picked up our stuff, that you can't fit a huge truck in that driveway and its a good 1/6 of a mile from road to house. Well apparently everything I was told by "Greg" was out the window because he was fired. So we had to put our furniture on our own trucks and drive it down the driveway ourselves or it would have cost "an extra 1, 000 for a transfer truck" and they didn't know when it would arrive. And since we were moving it down ourselves they no longer covered it by their insurance and it was raining!
    So we get everything to the house and i ask them to put together the master bedroom set and kitchen table. I was told setup was included. The driver told me that "I didn't take it apart so I can't put it together" I was outraged!
    If I had wanted to put it together and move it into my house myself I would have gotten a Uhaul and done it that way! It was supposed to be easier on me to hire a moving company. This was my first move and I'm only 22 so it was scarred me for life about moving companies!
    Well we get our stuff unloaded and they're missing 3 items on the inventory. He told me that he never loaded them onto the truck, sorry, nothing he could do. An entire box of DVD's, a swiffer and a broom. Granted the swiffer and broom werent that expensive but the fact that they lost them is what matters!
    When I began unloading some of my boxes I noticed different tape on them. I was weary of this when I packed so I taped them about 10 times top and bottom. And I found a completely different colored tape on them! Also missing randomly out of a box was my iHome station for my Ipod. Just one item gone.
    Needless to say this was a terrible experience and I would never recommend them!

  • Lc
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are a scarey company. They riffled through the boxes, said they were delivering when they were not. Shattered the glass of at least 15 photopacks, delivered antiques in pieces. They demanded cash ...and charged extra.

  • Ch
      13th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    They lost my coffee table. They wrote a list of all the items and it seems as if they did not even follow that. Everything that I bought for furniture was brand new, and on their list everything was coded as damaged and in poor condition. I very seldom use the word HATE, but I HATE this company. If there was a button I could push to put them out of business, I would.

  • Ca
      23rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I recently hired them for a long distance move from Florida to Las Vegas. I was given a written quote and told it was binding with no additional or surprise fees. It was a long distance move so I was quoted 7-10 days which was fine. I was told I would be called 24 hours in advance when the items would be delivered. When day 10 rolled around without even a phone call I began to wonder where my stuff was. I made a call to the office and was put on hold and disconnected and transferred to voicemail. I left a message just trying to find out where my stuff was. Never received a call back and this was a Friday. Called back on Sunday and got the coordinator on the phone who told me he was out of the office and had his calls forwarded so he couldn't find the info until the next morning. He told me to call him then which I did. He had no answer other than call another number and ask for Vinnie. I did and was told he wasn't in but would call me back within the next 2 hours. 4 hours later and still no call so I call back and the guy answers the phone dominoes pizza. I hang up and hit redial and this time it goes to voicemail for neighbors. I was very upset at being jerked around at this point so I called the original office again. I was hung up on and when I called back was only able to get voicemail. This went on for days with many more issues but to sum up they showed up 1 full week past the 10 days and the drivers demanded $250 cash or they wouldn't unload the truck. My husband paid and we later discovered we were given someone elses box with a different tag and a very important box of mine with an original irreplaceable painting was inside. I have yet to even get a return phone call but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'm not giving up and plan on consulting an attorney. This has to be stopped!

  • Kr
      11th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Here's my nightmare! I can't get anyone to give me the insurance claim info...

    I called and spoke with Antonio and chose Neighbors Movers because of the pitch I was given over the phone. I specifically did not choose the lowest priced quote to insure that I would get quality service. I scheduled my move with a 100.00 deposit with Antonio for January 31, 2011 with an arrival time of 8AM to 9AM. I called on January 31, 2011 at 8:55AM inquiring where the movers were and was told by Cody that they were on the way now to arrive between 11AM and 1PM. Once again they did not arrive. I called repeatedly over the next hour and was put on hold not only by Antonio and Cody but also Antonio's manager. At one point I had to insist to not be put on hold with the manager so I could explain my situation. Not only did this disrupt my entire schedule it also caused issue with the Condo Association at the new building and their schedule of the elevator times for other deliveries and move-ins. Finally I received word via Cody that the movers were on their way and would arrive at 4PM. I had explained repeatedly that the Condo Association would not allow us to use the elevators after 5PM because it disrupted the other homeowners rights of quiet-enjoyment. I luckily had the next day off so I rescheduled for the next morning at 7:30AM. Cody also asked if I would like to add a third man for 20.00 extra per hour to help speed up the moving process and save hours in the total move costs. I explained that I HAD to be on the road by 10AM because I had a contract signing in Daytona Beach and could not leave later. In preparation I moved all boxes and furniture that I could move into the front room of the home to help with the speed of the move. I woke up early and was ready to go at 7:30AM and there was no movers in sight. I called Cody for an update and was told they were on their way. After multiple calls and having another friend call from another phone since my number was no longer being answered I found out the truck was broken down and that was 1 of only 2 trucks in the inventory for the entire company. The movers finally arrived at 10:01AM and I had to rush to show the guys what items were going and because of my appointment in Daytona Beach I was unable to be there to monitor their progress. It took them 4 HOURS to load the equivalent of a 2 bedroom move taking into consideration that I had moved all boxes into the front room of the house. My roommate said at times he only saw one man working when I was paying extra for a 3rd man to expedite the process. Once I confirmed that they were on the road at 2PM I awaited their arrival. They arrived at 3:55PM for an hour drive move which I am well aware of considering I drove it both day and night for 6 months. Again, I reiterated that the Condo Association was reminding me of the fact that we needed be finished by 5PM. My friend arrived to help direct the move. When she saw the utter confusion and the lack of a sense of urgency given the already too long timeline she expressed her concern. She was then confronted in a very unprofessional and antagonistic manner by one of the movers. I negotiated with the Condo Association to allow us to continue the move using the elevator. The movers continued to move as slowly as I suspected when I wasn't there to actually observe at the pick-up location. Once again the hours kept adding up and adding up. At approximately 8:20PM one of the movers came to me and said that they needed to close out and for me to settle up because the office was closing and they needed to use run my card. When the charges were given to me I saw over $300.00 in overtime fees which were never disclosed and no prior estimate or paperwork had been provided. When I attempted to call the dispatcher Cody to discuss the charges I once again was put into voicemail that once again was completely full as it had been all day. I paid $400.00 in cash and the remainder on my Visa. I was told they would be done in another hour. At approximately 9:25PM they brought the remaining items up and as Sonja and myself even helped set items aside. When I spoke to Antonio I was sold a quality moving company service with "moving experts". That is not what was provided to me. When I pay for quality moving services I expect all of my items to be delivered as they were received and not damaged. I then had one of the movers say to me "C'mon ya gonna take care of the brothas?" I informed him I had given one of the other men $100.00. Furthermore we were rushing out the front door at 9:30PM because we had not eaten all day. As we walked out the front door I could see through the parking deck the three movers walking back to the moving truck and laughing. In one guy's hand I saw a chair swinging back and forth. I realized that was one of the arm chairs for my 6 seat dining room table. As I yelled "Hey...that's my chair!" the man holding the chair walked faster and handed the broken chair off to a guy at the doors of the back of the moving truck. The man on the back of the moving truck tossed the chair inside, closed the doors to the back of the truck and jumped down. I had to insist that the doors be opened and for them to give me my OWN chair back. They handed the chair out of the back of the truck and it was broken. This was a clear attempt to cover up damage to my property and furthermore a calculated decision to leave with my personal belongings. In other words...stealing... theft. Furthermore to add insult to injury I had tipped these guys and they knew they had broken one of my chairs downstairs, armoire, etc and were not disclosing the fact. I was told that I would receive an insurance claim form which I never received. I can only assume this again is an attempt to avoid the responsibility of replacing/reimbursing the damage of personal property while in their care. Also they dismantled my dining room table and then lost the bolts that hold the top on the base. Nightmare.

  • Cp
      31st of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    same happened to me

  • Be
      19th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes


    I recently hired Neighbors Moving because of the song and dance I was given over the phone. I was told it would be a same day move because it was not far at all. I was also told that my stuff would be the only load on the truck. I was also under the impression that Neighbors Moving was the actual moving company. I placed a $500 deposit and felt good about the move.

    2 days before my move, I called to confirm the date of the move and was told to call Father & Sons moving company because that's who would actually be moving my stuff. I called and they told me that they had a window of TEN days to move my stuff because I'd be on a truck with at least 5 other people. I specifically chose this company because they told me they'd have my stuff there the same day. I start my new job on Tuesday and don't have the option of not having a bed for 10 days!

    At this point, I did what I should have done before placing a deposit and googled their name. All that came up were horrible reviews. I called Neighbors Moving and was put through to a voicemail that was full. This happened throughout the day until I decided to go to their website and place a "request to move". IMMEDIATELY I was called my a sales person from Neighbors Moving. Clearly this is a company that cares about new business much more than taking care of existing customers. The guy seemed very taken aback when I told him that ACTUALLY I already had a move in process but no one would answer the damn phone. He stuttered something about the phones being down and how "isn't it funny the IT guy JUST fixed it." Yea, OK buddy. I asked to speak to Steven, the original person that handled my move. He told me that unfortunately Steven hadn't been in the office all week because his son was sick. I asked to speak to Steven's supervisor and I was told that she quit. What the hell was going on here? I started telling him what Steven had promised me and this guy told me that Steven never should have promised any of that, but Steven was straight out of training so maybe he didn't know better. Really?? How is that my problem?

    The bottom line is that I decided to cut my losses at $500 and go with Easy Movers instead, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to get that deposit back, I would greatly appreciate it! Also, thank you all so much for sharing your stories so that I was able to move with another company before enduring the damages that Neighbors Moving seems to cause.

  • Le
      29th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    This sounds identical to the treatment my friend has received. This company should not be allowed to stay in business.

  • Le
      29th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Maybe they don't move very many people, but just make money on deposits. Very unethical company!!

  • Tr
      4th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Neighbors Moving Company is not a honest company. Do not hire them. Please read all the complaints before hire any companies. Reviews are real and honest. Read them before hire any companies. The department of transportation should stop and close Neighbors Moving Company.

  • To
      20th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I also have a very bad experience with Neighbors Moving Company. I had actually contracted a move through Father and Sons moving who then outsourced it to Neighbors. I was scheduled to move on 5/5/13 with a 1:00-3:00 window. I was told that i would receive a phone call on Friday before the move to verify my window time. This did not happen. I was waiting at the house from 9:30 a.m-4:15 p.m on moving day and not only did I never receive a phone call nobody ever showed up. I tried all day calling 3 different phone numbers and couldn't get through to anyone at either company. I had to hire another moving company to move me Monday night after work. Needless to say when I contacted Neighbors on Monday 5/6/13 Antonio tried to tell me that his movers showed up but I was not there. That was a complete lie! He asked me to write a letter of what happened and email it to him in order to get my $100 deposit refunded to me. I did this on 5/6/13 and as of this day still have not received a refund. Antonio will not answer and emails or phone calls either. VERY, VERY bad service!!! I would not recommend either Neighbors nor Fathers and Sons to my worst enemies!!!

  • Ha
      4th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes


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