Neibauer Dental Warrenton VA. / overpayment of services

Warrenton, United States
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Phone: 540-347-9364

I have really good dental benifits wich pay 80-100% of services.On some claims on bridges and crowns they had estimated my ins. To pay at 50%.After receiving my Explanation of Benifits and my patient responsibility was much less they did not refund me or credit to my account.This happened on every claim that was not processed correctly.It was only after I brought it to their attention because I had 2 large claims from 2013 that totaled 850.00 that they decided to look into it.They have given me so many excuses as to why from supposedly given me free services to my insurance did not pay for a claim in 2012.After informing my lawyer would contact them they finally are paying up.I think this is standard practice to not reimburse the patient unless brought to their attention.Since ihad such good insurance they had me in there for everything that probably I did not need.They put a crown on my daughter that was to big and made her teeth shift and another one of their offices worked up a treatment plan for 5000.00 to fix her teeth.These people are SCAMMERS AND CHEATS

Dec 17, 2014

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