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During the summer of 2009, I spoke with a representative of Needham Roofing, Keith Orr about getting an estimate to have my roof fixed. At that point, I had already had an estimate to get it fixed and a check for $4500+ which I signed over to the roofing company. At that time, I told Mr. Orr there is no way I wanted to come out of pocket any funds for the repair of the roof. He understood. Once the shingles were out at the house I received a call from Mr. Orr. Mr. Orr explained the ins company paid me for 30 yr shingles while the job was bid for 20 yr shingles so I was going to get some money back and that it was mine. I considered it a blessing from God and HAVE NOT EVER RECEIVED A BILL FROM NEEDHAM ROOFING! So, then I get this harassing phone call from a gentleman at Needham roofing and he doesnt ask any questions or anything, just a collection call, I truly didnt even know what he was talking about. Next thing I know, he contacts me and says, you owe us money, pay us today or else I am sending a bunch of "Mexicans" to come over and start tearing off that roof and get my shingles back. I have called the police and let them know of the threat, but Matt Needham is now calling every day threatening me and my family. He obviously doesnt care about the people that work for him except that they are Mexican and he probably gets them real cheap. My son almost died in a car accident on Friday, but he didnt care... it was his little piece of money he was worried about only... I ALWAYS pay my bills and would have been more than happy to set up a payment plan of some sort, since my wife lost her job and I am the only income, but he didnt even give me a chance. Matt Needham is worse than the devil, because he actually lives and breathes and doesn't care about anyone. I am praying God does not lift his hand from him at anytime in his life. God Blessyou Matt Needham, live long and propser, but my complaint regarding you remains and I hope someone processes this.

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      21st of Aug, 2010

    You have the wrong company. You are refering to Needham Re Roofing not Needham Roofing. Two totally seperate companies. If your going to complain at least make sure you have the RIGHT Company.

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