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"Pooall"...Paul 'No name' is what I call him. I don't even buy QVC, but I decided to try this one since it looked good and reasonable, as well, reasonable that the product does work. Yet, like another complaint stated, I ordered this online and was duped into the site stating that I could purchase the neckline slimmer on the 2nd page for $14.95 only to realize that I had just purchased another one! There was no last page to correct that or to decide that one wouldn't want to pay those ridiculous S&H charges. The next thing the order went through for a total charge of $60. It went from a $20 prodcut to a $60 one. I saw the charge pending on my bank account for 3 days and then it dropped off. I waited. It has been 2 weeks, although fair to say that they state it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. I called the company yesterday (Thursday) and was told first, "their computers were down", but the customer service rep could maybe get the system up enough to find out the status. When I told her I wanted to cancel she said that I could not cancel the order since they had shipped it on Monday by U.S. mail and then the mail department shipped it by their means..UH? I asked "what if I refuse it?" and they said something that I knew was an utter lie: something like "[not only you cannot do this since it is not shipped COD], true...but, "the post office will not get to those returns going back since it is not a priority for them to get to those kind of packages..."..UH??? I called back and got another customer service rep that told me "the system is down" and to call back later. I, too, may not care too much about the fraudulent practices of the online ordering and the customer service if the product works, but after reading the complaints here and feeling the anger more I doubt the product works. If it did in the slightest you wouldn't have to resort to those tactics to sell your product. When I called my bank to stop the charge going through I was told that it would cost me $30 to make a stop payment and if that charge for the product came through within 3 days of the stop I would be out both the cost of the product and the stop payment. They have up to 6 months to process the receipt even if it drops off from the pending status on your bank account. I will take care of that part. BEWARE AND AGAINST THE NECKSLIMMER ...DON' T BUY IT!

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  • Vb
      Aug 14, 2009

    My point is that I am not one to order online products, not even via a television program like QVC. I don't believe you read the post well. It said I bought this online, and as anyone knows when you go to the Neckslimmer website to purchase this product it rolls you over to their second page AFTER you give them the credit card/debit card to buy the product for $20. The 2nd page on the website then tells you that you can buy the product for $14.99, which you might see it says the 2nd one for that price, but it isn't too clear, and again others have seen that one, too. So, again, like others know, you assume that well, if there is something unclear you will get a chance to correct that at a last page on the NECKSLIMMER.COM WEBSITE that totals your products and shows you the shipping and handling charges, which THEN GIVE YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO DELETE PRODUCTS OR CANCEL THE ORDER AND/OR AUTHORIZE THE PURCHASES! I might add, too, that although I appear to be an impatient shopper, I am aware they state that their product will take 4-6 weeks for delivery, BUT we all know that no one ships a product until they get their money! They stated they shipped on Monday and today is Friday. They don't have their money since I have checked behind this. I also know that if you shipped via the US postal service, even though businesses have disclaimers that it takes up to 10 business days, it actually does not. I believe the customer service reps are coached to say things like that to avoid cancellation of orders. If an order has been placed that you haven't paid for yet and it apparently shows in their system, then you should be able to cancel that order easily and post haste. I could have seen at that point that they try to offer you more products free or slashed prices, or cutting their S&H charges, other annoying practices when you cancel, that I have known of with other online services, but they don't even do that and flat out lie. That doesn't make me feel to good from the start of doing business with them.

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  • Ba
      Dec 02, 2009

    My experience has been the same trying to purchase the neckline slimmer only, to find I have several more items on my order and no way to change it. This has happened twice to me on this website I cancelled the order completely the first time. This time I have tried 4 days to correct this error, but each time customer says to call back, my order is not in the system. What can of antiquated system is this? I ordered online Saturday, November 29 and today is December 2. Today I have not been able to get hold of customer service. I feel that this is a deceptive website as far as ordering is concerned, however I would still like to try their product. Their greed has become very frustrating and definitely dishonest.

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